Grade the 2022 Oscars ceremony:


  • Gladys Liggins-Wayne - 2 years ago

    I too found ABSOLUTELY Appalling!If he does not Apologize to Chris Rock the Award should be taken from that IDIOT Will Smith, it’s like whatever he decided to do was acceptable.If nothing is done are we saying anything goes!SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE!!

  • Min - 2 years ago

    I'd happily give the parts Oscars an A- / B+ if Will Smith was here in West Philly playing basketball. However, the failure of the Academy to escort him out after he committed battery against Chris Rock, the standing ovation he received when his name was announced, the decision by the Academy to let him speechify for 5:20 about who he is a vessel of live and that "live makes you do crazy things" (forcing finessing violence victims everywhere to relive their experiences), and the second ovation he received when he walked offstage, was a massive failure on many fronts.

    It's ready to say that HE and HIS ACTIONS overshadowed the evening, but it is THE ACADEMY'S collective actions and inactions that overshadowed what should have been the best professional night some of these men and women will ever experience.

  • Larry Bell - 2 years ago

    Everything these days is unfortunately based on WHAT you are! Black, Gay, Trans, Female, etc. It has become to important for us to LABEL individuals first and foremost that it's becoming a distraction from what is reality.
    Hollywood is not reality for the most part and unfortunately is more based on what the audience wants. DRAMA & VILOLANCE! So what did the audience REALLY see or acknowledge about Will Smith's reaction towards Chris Rock?
    This is what I saw FWIW..... I saw the opening of the Oscars with the norm of who's who and more importantly, what they're wearing! Especially towards women who soak this stuff up regardless of how PHONY the comments might be. (Remember this point)
    So on with the show and the importance of it being hosted for the first time by 3 women? Who the hell cares! I wouldn't exactly be praising that fact considering how aweful it turned out! Next, who doesn't know Chris Rock and his style of comedy? So NO surprise there! So what I saw and heard was Chris making a JOKE towards Will's wife which Will laughed at! But his wife's face showed disapproval and totally being INSULTED by the joke. WHY??? Because of the female ego of being told how beautiful she is being broken!

  • TP - 2 years ago

    Most part of the show was boring, the artistic presentations were good. I loved the performance ‘Encanto’ track ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’, it was the most entertained and magical moments of all at the Oscars. I also loved when Lady Gaga and Liza Minnelli took the Oscars stage together, that was a moment of tenderness and love. But what a horrible incident caused by Will Smith, there is no justification for the violence. "It’s UNACCEPTABLE". It was completely inappropriate, and disrespectful for all the people attending and watching the Oscars. And the worst of all, NO ACTION was taken. He went back to his seat like nothing happened, and everyone seemed to accept the incident. It’s so embarrassing for the Academy and the National TV, I hope they take this incident very seriously and apply severe actions.

  • Silvia - 2 years ago

    The show was extremely boring. Will Smith’s behavior was appalling. He committed assault and should have been arrested on the spot. I can’t believe the Academy did nothing, and condoned such an act of violence. Will’s Oscar should also have been taken away. Chris Rock is a comedian, as is Will. He, more than anyone, should be able to take a joke. I had no idea that his wife suffered from alopecia. I jus assumed she had shaved her head. A lot of people are saying that Chris’ joke was in bad taste, however, maybe he did not know she suffered from the condition. I don’t believe that he would make such a joke if he knew that she had alopecia.

  • Luis - 2 years ago

    How in the world did Will Smith hit Chris Rock like that and not get arrested and besides that receive An award . I think he’s a punk is what he is, Chris rock is a comedian and if he had a problem with that he should’ve Pull him aside and let him know. Why did he not try that with August The rapper she cheated on him with. I will never watch anything with Will Smith again or anybody that has to do with him.

  • Leo locket - 2 years ago

    Don’t you all think this was staged, juts to create some hype and get people talking about a tired format that is no longer relevant?

  • Anthony Abbatan - 2 years ago

    Will Smith should be ARRESTED for what he did. Chris Rock has done his comedy like this for years, just like Don Rickles did for his entire career. I hope that the people who are in-charge of the Oscars do not ever allow Will Smith to return. He ruined the entire night that should have been full of love, based on what is going on in the world today. He brings nothing to the table now as a human being. So what if his wife shaved off her hair, many woman have the same condition, she is no different. The worst part is Smith tried to make an excuse of it when accepting the Oscar he did not deserve, with his phony tears. I hope no one in the industry ever hires him again. He has done a very big dis-service to his race.

  • Bamagirl - 2 years ago

    Will Smith should not have been allowed to make an acceptance speech after his awful behavior earlier. I'm not sure the entire world is clued in to Jada Pinkett Smith's struggle with alopecia - I saw her as a guest on The Equalizer and just thought her hair was like that because, well, Jade Pinkett Smith.

    Her husband should have been presented his Oscar and escorted off the stage.

  • Tomek - 2 years ago

    I stopped watching the Oscars few years ago but based on reading the next day reviews the show become unbelievable worse

  • AJ - 2 years ago

    The show was terrible. It was diversity on overdose which made it pretentious and fake. I watch every year and this year was worst than last year. I don’t want political opinions from people whose job is to stay in shape, look pretty and entertain. I don’t the awards were given based on talent, they were given based on everything else but talent.

  • Peter Bright - 2 years ago

    The whole thing is a joke. Nobody supports Hollywood anymore and few movies produced these days are worth watching. And now a vicious attack on stage? How sad the entertainment industry has allowed itself to be trashed.

  • Kevin - 2 years ago

    Don’t really see the point in the show. We can only take a few minutes at a time.

  • Morgan Lassiter - 2 years ago

    They should have left Beyonce off, her standing on a tennis court performing was awful. That horrible song should have never been nominated, it did not even place on the billboards chart at all.

  • Vicki Andis - 2 years ago

    Oscar night is the thing of the past for me. I stopped watching when they thought we cared about their political views. Will Smith is looked up to by many and I guess he felt the need to let them know violence is the answer. So sad!!

  • KB - 2 years ago

    Worst Oscars yet! I stopped watching years ago, but watched the drama unfold with Will Smith. I refuse to watch because the actors use the Academy Awards to push their political views and agendas. Just bring back the days when actors left their politics at home and only spoke of their movie, fellow actors, etc. Oscars last night : F

  • Laura Garcia - 2 years ago

    The whole show was mostly boring but the MOST horrible, disgusting and disturbing part was Will Smith's ACT OF VIOLENCE!!! What a COWARDLY MOVE on his part!!! It was the same a punching someone from behind, unexpected!!! There should be NO ACT OF VIOLENCE OF ANY KIND TOLERATED UNDER ANY CIRCUSMSTANCE! Then Will Smith was CONFORTED?!! WHEN HE WAS CLEARLY THE AGGRESSOR!!! HE IS CLEARLY PROMOTING VIOLENCE!!! WHEN we are ALWAYS teaching our children never to be VIOLENT and here goes WILL SMITH with his DUMB SELF PROMOTING VIOLENCE for the whole world to see?! DISGUSTING!!! AND THEN HE HAS THE NERVE TO BRING "GOD" into it. during his speech???!!! GOD HAS NEVER PROMOTED VIOLENCE!!! I HOPE WILL SMITH IS NEVER INVITED AGAIN TO THE OSCARS OR I WILL NOT WATCH!!!

  • Vedura - 2 years ago

    Personally, I thought Jada Pinkette Smith looked stunning. She doesn't need hair to be beautiful. The thing between Will and Chris . . . I admire Will Smith's love for his wife, but perhaps hold her hand, as Keith Urban did Nicole Kidman's. Speaking of . . . What was the deal between her and the Godfather trio?
    The show in all was a mess.
    If the Oscars do not return to a more respectful, organized presentation, no one will be watching in future.

  • Maxine - 2 years ago

    Disgusting violence Will Smith should be ashamed of himself. Take his Oscar back, low grade pretentious actor. Turn off American crap. Give them nothing take back the Oscar, turn off American crap movies. Trashy Oscar’s take the show off the air.

  • Clay Cuthbertson - 2 years ago

    Apparently, Will Smith is not an advocate "Free Speech".
    The only break a comedian gets these days is their own jaw.

  • PP - 2 years ago

    Oscars and the Pedo Hollywood are trash.

  • Linda Davolt - 2 years ago

    The in memorium was disrespectful and upbeat choir music omitting many names and just attach a link afterwards.
    Wtf was the Chris Rock and Will Smith bit about ? Most was bleeped out and was inappropriate.
    I think they are trying to low class this show, which I love(d) past years. I’m glad to see actors & directors of color but they let people wear shorts, no shirt , etc. No mention of Ukraine (??) except what Francis F copola said
    i liked Billie Eilish and Beyoncé performances. Agreed with many nominations. Power of the dog was better than many, happy to see drive my car won and Kenneth Branagh.

  • George Smythe - 2 years ago

    Another Oscar night down the drain and highlighted by slugging and cursing at the host, which was just shocking and unbelievable! A sad sad commentary for a show we used to look forward to watching. A pitiful industry it has become.

  • Diana German - 2 years ago

    horrible. not entertaining. sexually stupid. low class. you should be ashamed. The memorial was a sham with the dancers and singers. No Respect anywhere in this telecast. Violence... just what we need more violence.

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