What team do you love to watch win the most….


  • Kim Bagnell - 2 years ago

    DAN the MAN and the DANETTES......I will let you all know , I along with many others would like to see BOB BAFFERT , get JUSTICE. He is getting screwed BY THE GOOD OLD BOY NETWORK at CHURCHILL DOWNS in KENTUCKY......that outfit can not hold a candle to COACH MIKE K , retired from DUKE....... the latest news is KHRC is in question for RECORDING a PHONE CONVERASTION with Mr.Baffert , with out HIS PERMISSION.....!!!
    Kim Bagnell
    Bagnell Racing STable#2

  • Seth - 2 years ago

    I agree, Ron

  • Ron - 2 years ago

    Where is "None of the Above"?

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