Grade the 'Billions' Season 6 Finale:


  • Wilson Fisk - 2 years ago

    Worse season EVER!!!! They ruined a once great show. This co-president between Phillip and Taylor feels like forced wokeness on the show. Dave and Philip are the death of the show. Nothing is compelling about either character.

  • Charles Rasmussen - 2 years ago

    Riding is horrible there’s no imagination they could at least let Prince be nominated and become the president and see if he can get New York out of the horrible bankrupt situation they’re in he could actually be good like Donald Trump as far as business and running the country and get it back in shape Chuck’s a disgrace by the limb let me stay breaking every law and his own personal greed to try and run for office he’s a horrible politician and dishonest it would be much more exciting in Princeton become president and then Chuck could try everything possible to get him out then but this way billions is this lawsuit they run out of stuff to do fighting over money crypto two people it’s ridiculous he should’ve had the Olympics he should’ve let the Olympics come to New York and made the city profitable

  • PJ - 2 years ago

    OMG another season finale another setup for another season of more of the same. Chuck and Prince trade wins and losses until we find that neither is ever real. Ludicrous non-shocker “plot twist” at the end was a big yawn. So tired of it all. Bye Bye Billions!

  • yinks magnolia - 2 years ago

    pls bring back axe, I'm so upset right now. Mike prince doesn't have balls, all mighty AXE would have lost that 3.5b and had a smirk on his face while bouncing to the elevator with my main man wags dropping an icon one liner with his hands stuck in his pockets. that's the billions i know and love. i know Damien Lewis took sometime off to be with his family but we need him back. ASAP!!!! and the writers need to do better th e whole season was a fail for me. they just kept beating around the bush. i mean a roller coaster on your 17th ride is has exciting

  • HD - 2 years ago

    Would have been nice to see Chuck together with Bryan in jail, both with a whip.
    But no, he will be released, so what's the fun in that.
    When will Chuck finally find his Waterloo?
    Its shelf life has already expired,
    Axe with Chuck was a nice fight. But now opposite Mike it's no longer fun to watch.

    I miss the fun characters and dialogue from Orrin, Wags, Lonnie, Dollar Bill, also Lara and the others.
    Chuck hasn't been fun since his beard came off.
    His character has become eroded, boring and predictable

  • Lisa - 2 years ago

    I miss Wags. He just isn't Wags. Scooter has a great name but he is so incredibly boring. When does Chuck finally get his due? It's like they planned it so one week Prince would win and the next week Chuck would win although nobody really won because it's all a blur. It's not fun and exciting and crisp like it was when Axe was on the show. Bring axe back or get new writers.

  • Dave - 2 years ago

    I’m done with Billions. They arrest Chuck, who is a criminal from season 1-6 and then let him go? Forget it. Cancel this once magnificent show, put a billet in its head mercifully. It sucks.

  • KC - 2 years ago

    The season was better than I was expecting going in. I really like Corey Stoll in the role of Mike Prince. For as well written as several of the middle episodes were, the finale was a let down.

  • Thomas - 2 years ago

    They left it on a cliffhanger, just so we tune in to season 7... so i feel the whole season was just transportation, nothing really happens. I too misses that Axe would call in, Taylor's big move, Wags being Wags.
    Its clear where they are trying to go, and it can be several paths to dethrone Prince, so I will watch season 7 as well. Will they cross the border and kill of a certain songbird? How upset will Prince be that Chuck cost him 3.5 billion.
    Like Wags said, he liked the clear shanking instead of all the smaller plays covered with stardust (ok, not exacly what he said)...

    Boy, I do miss Axe..

  • Eddie M - 2 years ago

    Horrendous season finale to an already lackluster season. The only bright spot was when Chuck was arrested but the writers chickened out and quickly reversed course.

    Watch the season finale of Severance for an example of how to find the perfect balance between closure and cliffhanger.

  • Dan OReilly - 2 years ago

    Episode 10 showed some excitement but that was it. Bring back Eric!!! And give Wags some swagger again!

  • C. Graziano - 2 years ago

    I have been watching from day one. This season was HARD to watch and even harder to swallow. It was far fetched, and not entertaining at all. Please bring back Axe

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