Grade the series finale of 'Better Things':


  • Christine E Austin - 1 year ago

    Absolutely loved with a white-hot passion the entire series and couldn't ask for better. Two things, though: Didn't Beanie Boy break, but then reappear in a later episode? And I think the finale was cheapened (given the exceedingly high standards throughout the seasons) by the singing at the end, no matter how much I love the song.

  • Mark Anthony - 1 year ago

    This series fantastic. It spoke to me from the first episode. I loved it. Pamela Adlon is brilliant and the her character is brilliantly written and acted.
    My mother passed away 1 week ago and the series finale spoke to my soul and lifted my my spirits unimaginably. I couldn’t have asked for a better gift on this anniversary of her life. Thank you.

  • V. Coleman - 1 year ago

    As a mother of two girls the series gave me flashbacks to situations with my girls (growing pains). Some of my siblings couldn’t get past the girls allowed to express their thoughts so frankly to the Mom, I found it refreshing to see girls allowed the freedom to speak up as I have encouraged my own to do. I loved the “Robot” video of April 25th and would like to share that video with a lot of folks. Wher3 can I find it.
    I’m going to miss this cast of brilliant characters and the grunting sarcasm of Pamela who reminds me of a female cousin of mine.
    Also added some of the music from the show to my playlist, whoever selected the music is a wise soul.

    Peace and Love

  • Kim - 1 year ago

    Don't go, stay.

  • Cathy - 1 year ago

    I am so very sad this show has ended!! Too soon. So going to miss it.
    I know I will want to watch the whole series again.

  • Ted - 1 year ago

    This show spoke to me from the jump. I'm a 43yr old man & I don't really like women....cept my sister's, mom, daughter & dead yiayia. But how Sam fox ran her life totally inspired me. And her mom & Max & Duke & Frankie were all crazy spirited. I dug this show very much. Infact Better Things & Transparent from Amazon prompted me in 2019 to move to LA from the Hudson valley of NY. This place is haunted & I'm never leaving.

  • Cathy - 1 year ago

    I've loved the show from the beginning... I'm sad it's ending but it was a really great finale

  • Denise Valente-McGee - 1 year ago

    This was an excellent series. To follow along with this family of all exceptionally talented, unique women was a great ride. I look forward to seeing more of Pamela Adlon. It would be great to have a follow up movie of Better Things to see where all of these ladies end up in the next few years.

  • James embery - 1 year ago

    As much as my wife and I have loved the show..
    We have problems with it..
    Yes Pamela you should be proud of your achievements.
    But geez…
    If I have to see anybody on the toilet again I’ll pass..
    You’re a beautiful woman, you need to take pride in your looks, not try to look so horrible..
    And lastly, you write so beautifully, why take the cheap way out and use a Monty python thing.. that was bs

  • Patricia Mack - 1 year ago

    I am trying to imagine the universe where the person who gave this series a failing grade is living. Count me out. Maybe it was a cynical shot to all the excellent reviews? Would someone watch 5 seasons of this show and grade it an F?

  • Gloria Smelser - 1 year ago

    I am so sad to see this show end. In my book it is the best 30 minute show on television. Hopefully Pamela Adlon will write another one with the same cast. Not much good TV left anymore.

  • Richard euteneier - 1 year ago

    I'm feeling a little empty. I'm going to miss Sam and the girls a lot.
    Thanks Richard

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