Grade Season 5 of 'Better Things' overall:


  • Sandy - 1 year ago

    Thank you for such a wonderful series. I am crying watching the final episode. When I 1st watched the series,, I used to get upset that the girls would treat their mother so terribly (on the series) but I was glad to see it turn out so beautifully. I will really miss these actors. They worked so well together. I want to send a sincere Thank You to Pamela for including the Japanese segment for Mikey Madison who plays Max. Since, we all knew she was Japanese, it was beautiful to include this for her. Wishing you all the best! Thank You ????

  • JT - 1 year ago

    I absolutely loved Better Things. I will truly miss it. I sure hope Pamela continues to create amazing new stories in the future. I found her so relatable and loved the fact she kept it real! I would love to hang out with her. If you’re ever in Ky
    And want to have a drink or go goodwilling I’m down!
    Good luck to all of the amazing cast and crew.

  • Margaret Potemski - 1 year ago

    Loved all five seasons. Could watch them over and over and still feel all the emotions I felt the first time plus catch new stuff cause there is always so much going on! I’ll truly miss it. Want to be there at the table…
    Love you all too!!!!

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