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Within the past two years, have you had to pay a medically related bill that created at least a modest degree of financial hardship? (Poll Closed)

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  • Deductible Reset - 2 years ago

    $10,000 in 3.5 months. I was unfortunate enough to have an event towards the end of the year that required hospitalization. Reached max out of pocket for that year and the doctors recommended heart testing/monitor which fell into the next calendar year where my deductible reset. Implantable heart monitor caused me to hit the max out of pocket for the second calendar year.

  • Northerner - 2 years ago

    As a Canadian, I can hardly comprehend the question.

  • Frustrated_FMG - 2 years ago

    Multiple times and for multiple channels - drugs (thank god for Mark Cuban's real solutions)
    Imaging that was canceled because insurance failed to authorize the required contrast-based imaging to rule out the actual damage
    Clinical visit billed at exorbitantly high rates of a Level 4 even though the clinician barely spent 5 minutes with me and provided only the most cursory of exams
    Lab test that was not covered and insurance refused to cover based on a clinician who never spent a nano second with me, or knew anything about me or my case and despite the test showing a deficiency that required treatment

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