Should the Supreme Court overturn Roe v. Wade?

  • Denae - 2 weeks ago

    It’s my body and it’s not the government’s business what I do with it. Okay what about all these unwanted children who didn’t ask to be brought into this world who get abused every day. I think the Supreme Court people. What would they do if it was their daughter, mother, or wife who was raped. You can’t tell me they would want a child who was conceived through rape and a consistent reminder of wha happened to them. It’s NOBODIES business what I do.

  • anonymous - 3 weeks ago

    do most of these RvW protesters even know what the SCOTUS case is about? that answer is NO.

    even their current sitting president voted for overturning roe v wade back in the 80s

    the kids these days need to be educated properly. during covid their slogan was "follow the science" and "get vaxxed or else", well the same goes now.

  • John - 3 weeks ago

    The decision from the Supreme Court doesn't stop abortions just puts it back in the hands of the voters. It's not technically a law it's a court decision just like many others. The SC doesn't make laws it just rule according to law. People need to stop fear mongering let the SC do its job

  • Herb - 4 weeks ago

    If Roe V Wade is reversed, a person having a choice is taken away. Dictators take choices away, not the United States of America. Let God be the judge and not you.

  • Karon Jacob - 4 weeks ago

    I believe it should be reversed. Adoption waiting lists are so long. If Roe vs Wade were reversed it would make it so each family wanting to adopt could, & they could share their love. Each baby needs the chance to show how great they will be.

  • Scott Denton - 4 weeks ago

    Roe v should be over turned. I am convinced that people
    that are for abortion truly do not know what it does. It is very easy to see with todays tech that babies are being killed.

  • Jane Fivecoate - 4 weeks ago

    Scientific advancements since Roe V. Wade prove that abortion actually kills a human being. Therefore, it should be reversed.

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