How have you been prepping for the May 17-19 Roadcheck inspection event?

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  • Fed Up Trucker - 2 years ago

    The Blitz can kiss my you know what! I wonder if people who work at McDonalds flipping burgers have the burger police come to their place of business once a year. Stand extremely close to them and make sure they’re doing their job according to protocol. Or maybe surgeons have some special butt hole scrub in on certain surgeries to make sure they clean the scalpel properly before cutting someone open. The blitz only purpose is to write as many citations as possible and claim it’s for safety. Normally, I would take that time off and I wish the majority of truckers did the same and if that was the case all the trucking police would do is move the date or something to that nature so they can fatten their bottom lines. Never mind, I quit! These comments won’t make difference. Our great government will continue to allow the backbone of this country to be kicked around for financial pleasure until the end of time.

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