Which cancellation from the past 48 hours hurt the most?


  • James Mattox - 6 months ago

    I think canceling shows just because a merge is a wrong decision Im about ready to cancell my cabel and just have apps on my smart tv. I loved the dramas of Legacies and I couldn't wait to watch the next episode to find out that hope and Lanndon MG and Lindsey aren't part of my week saddens me. I mean you just brought Caroline back what for why not let the gods kill them

  • Jo - 7 months ago

    I’m upset about the cancellation of Magnum PI; just found out about. I’m heart broken; great show with good stars, never missed an episode, saw the ending thinking that it was coming back in the Fall. I hope another network would pick it up; you get used to the actors, the program, and Bang! Gone!

  • Maureen - 8 months ago

    What does it take to get Magnum back on TV on another network? In the world of public opinion cutting this show was a bad choice. So what can we the viewing public do to get the show back on network TV

  • J D - 8 months ago

    Can't believe how CBS does it's fans. Magnum was 1 of the best on T.V.

  • Ellie Hook - 8 months ago

    I am really angry about the cancellation on Magnum, it was a great show in many ways. And then the network doesn’t even tell us that we were watching the series finale.I really hope they replace it with a show of the same quality, not some inane reality show.

  • Erika - 8 months ago

    Friday night used to be my favourite night on tv. Then MacGyver and Hawaii Five-0 got cancelled and now Magnum. Why do all of the good shows keep getting cancelled? I love Blue Bloods and will hold on to that for as long as possible! Enough of the reality tv and dumb shows. Keep good shows on!

  • Janet - 8 months ago

    The new version of Magnum P.I. is a show worth watching with well-developed, evolving characters. Shame on CBS for cancelling a program so many people obviously enjoyed. The viewing public does NOT need another mindless, cheaply produced reality show, but that’s probably what will be given air time.

  • Marilyn - 8 months ago

    Interesting how, when you look at the list of shows that were renewed, the majority of them are crime dramas. What are the people who prefer to laugh watch now that you cancelled the good comedies like B-Positive and United States of Al. At least you kept Ghost, Young Sheldon, and Call me Kat. We hear enough bad things on the news these days that we don't need sooooo many cop and robber shows. I am not one to watch so called "Reality TV" or stupid cartoons like the Simpsons etc. either.

    Thanks for making it tougher to watch TV. Please reconsider cancelling all the comedy, light-hearted shows. Get ride of some of the Drama and bring back laughter.

  • DENIS WOLF-KEITH - 8 months ago

    The higher-ups have got to be out of their minds, canceling a show like Magnum PI! And I certainly agree with some of the people on here who have stated:"Why invest one's time...", in a show, (especially, a really well developed one), that you'd think has got a long 'track life,' watching those characters develop?Then,⚠️ without warning,"nor explanation",you cancel it!!! What is the point of taking Our Prescious Time?!?!

  • G - 8 months ago

    Who wants to invest their time in a series on one of the major networks only for it to be cancelled! The worst part is that our favorite shows have no endings.
    Going to start watching more cable TV.

  • Lynn hicks - 8 months ago

    Magnum is one of the only good shows left. NCIS is a great show and you changed it's time slot. Always liked criminal minds and u cancelled it, liked Bull, but never could keep up with all the time and day slot changes. You need these good ones on at 8 and no later than 9. Sometimes it's too hard to wait for the good shows to come on and 10 is way too late. Always liked the NCIS shows, but the first was always the best.

  • Nancy - 8 months ago

    Why cancel Magnum PI. Awesome show. Keep it. and get rid of undercover boss or survivor.

  • Calvin Timothy - 8 months ago

    I wonder how much politics played in these decisions. The networks seem to be forgetting the people who watch. Nobody wants to watch reality TB all the time. Good shows are being cancelled and we are getting left without endings. It's ridiculous and no excuse for it.

  • Sherry m - 8 months ago

    Done with CBS. Magnum was a great show that we looked forward to every week. Now that you've canceled it and Bull is ending, I have no reason to watch anything on CBS. I can see a lot of others feel the same.

  • Smith Cheryl S. - 8 months ago

    Actually, none of the programs that were cut had any appeal for me. I only voted for Magnum PI because that was the only one I had even tried to watch. I don’t think I’ve made it all the way through a full episode of even that show.

  • Deb Rutkowski - 8 months ago

    CBS what were you thinking when you canceled Magnum PI? With the exception of Blue Bloods, this is the best show on television on Friday night! Big mistake! Yet other shows that should have gone are still dragging on. Wake up! Who is making these decisions?

  • Morry Heller - 8 months ago

    Now that you've cancelled a number of my favorite shows, including my favorite; Magnum, P.I, what can you possibly replace them with that will bring you that much of an increase in the ratings? Considering all of the new production costs you'll be experiencing from your new shows, it looks to me like your plan to reduce costs and produce a better show is not going to happen.

  • Cindy Minarfo - 8 months ago

    I truly love this show. I’m sick of my favorites being cancelled all the time. This is a good show. The heck with your numbers. Leave Magnum PI alone.

  • Duane Randa - 8 months ago

    Shame on you CBS. You seemingly have no regard for Seniors anymore. You pander to the woke jokes and not to those who built television from the beginning.

    B Positive was an extremely well done and funny show with a great cast of characters. BRING IT BACK !

  • Kat - 8 months ago

    I’m so bummed B Positive has been cancelled! I was looking forward to seeing Gina and Drew’s storyline continue. Similarly I think NBC made a huge mistake by not reviewing Mr. Mayor. What are the alphabet networks thinking?

  • Rhonda Hall - 8 months ago

    Magnum not only represented everyone with genuine empathy, it made you smile instead of cringe. Nice to relax on a Friday evening to a show that made you smile by the end. Was it intrigue, not really. Was it entertaining absolutely. Not all shows have to be a mirror of another, or create controversy for the sake of next day tabloids.

    B Positive would have been the next biggest hit. I suppose the network didn't believe in their own mantra to cancel this show.

    They will enjoy losing my advertising viewing. Have fun loosing those $$ after this season.

  • Jack D. - 8 months ago

    Magnum PI is a great show (even better than the original series) it is really disappointing they would cancel this show considering how horrible the TV show offerings have been over the past 5 years (networks approve garbage & cancel good clean TV shows like Magnum PI, most offerings on any network is unwatchable or disgusting content!)

  • Nell - 8 months ago

    Magnum PI was one of my favorite shows. I will miss it so much! Still in shock

  • Sheri Reemtsen - 8 months ago

    It seems that great shows like Magnum pi would be renewed,but the truth is the networks are more interested in selling sex and violence. Most people aren't interested in reality shows which there are way to many of. It shows that the lack of morals and class of networks. Tired of all reality shows and lose moral shows. Shame on you!!!

  • Jennifer - 8 months ago

    I was a huge fan of B Positive. I was enjoying the 2nd season and looking forward to a 3rd. The cast was amazing. I loved how Gina bought the assisted living facility. All the residents were funny and engaging. It was a unique show. It’s a shame CBS couldn’t see the gem they had. The network also underestimated the fans this show had.

  • Anni - 8 months ago

    I am a long time fan of tv series, but never before hurt a cancellation so very much as the one of Magnum PI does!!! I’m from Germany and did not have the chance to watch live, but I bought season passes at iTunes to make sure, that I could watch the newest episode right away on Saturday morning. It always made my day!
    Still don‘t understand how it happened or why CBS decided this way - ratings were good, there is a huge international fanbase, who loved the actors and the stories - so WHY? Not understandable …
    Sending a big hug to the amazing cast and crew and the world wide ohana of fans! #SaveMagnumPI

  • Bobby Eitel - 8 months ago

    I'm also done with CBS. (Cancels Best Shows)........ .B Positive was a great show with a great cast and a great story about real life people especially in the baby-boomer age group. Goodbye CBS

  • Pablo Espinosa - 8 months ago

    I'm heartbroken about WB decision to cancel Legacies. That's not just a show. It's a 13 years run of storytelling. You can't end a franchise without a proper ending / an ending arc. Fans need closure with everything that has happened to all three shows. Unfinished storylines. The worst decision ever. They will regret this later. #SaveLegacies

  • Cindy - 8 months ago

    How could CBS cancel MAGNUM PI? The show hasn't finished it's relationships with the characters. What happens to Gordy? What happens with TC and his adopted son, what happens with Rick and Sue and the baby, and finally what happens with Magnum and Higgins?
    CBS just left us fans high and dry with no closure
    Bad on CBS

  • DG Warlick - 8 months ago

    Why? Cancel? Magnum PI?
    How do you cancel the ONLY Friday night prime time show that has it ALL … drama, romance, mystery, comedy, spectacular scenery - and it brings the entire family to the TV!???! Whoever made this decision is the one who should be looking for a new job!

  • DG Warlick - 8 months ago

    Why? Cancel? Magnum PI?
    How do you cancel the ONLY Friday night prime time show that has it ALL … drama, romance, mystery, comedy, spectacular scenery - and it bring the entire family to the TV!???! Whoever made this decision is the one who should be looking for a new job!

  • Lynn Dolphin - 8 months ago

    I can’t believe CBS cancelled B Positive. It had a great cast, well written & was really developing into something really special. It gave some insight into seniors life with their hopes, dreams & struggles. So well done. Guess we’ll get more reality junk shows.. Shame to lose such a quality show.

  • Joan Parker - 8 months ago

    Very, very disappointed in CBS decision to cancel Magnum, PI. It's one of our most watched shows, and looking at the % of people who voted, it's there's as well. Why ever they made is decision, it certainly seems like the wrong one, but I'm sure revenue was at the root of it....

  • Lisa Jourdan-Sargent - 8 months ago

    You didn't even list the CW show that breaks my heart BAT WOMAN, this is an amazing show, with an amazing, diverse cast! The lead role, BATWOMAN herself, is a beautiful black woman who happens to be gay. It really is a great show and I am angry and sad that CW is just throwing away such a great show! I wish the cast all the best and know you're heading for great careers.

  • Lisa Jourdan-Sargent - 8 months ago

    You didn't even list the CW show that breaks my heart BAT WOMAN, this is an amazing show, with an amazing, diverse cast! The lead role, BATWOMAN herself, is a beautiful black woman who happens to be gay. It really is a great show and I am angry and sad that CW is just throwing away such a great show! I wish the cast all the best and know you're heading for great careers.

  • SHERRIE PRETLOW - 8 months ago


  • KENNETH FIX - 8 months ago

    Can't believe you would cancel B-postive Good show, had a lot of potential Very unhappy.

  • Nicole jones - 8 months ago

    Why cancel magnum PI best show ever?

  • Francine B - 8 months ago

    The Magnum reboot was fun, diverse and entertaining. It's a shame CBS cancelled i - especially since the ratings were good. They have already ordered 3 new shows when they should have just kept Magnum and brought back McGyver!

  • Vanessa - 8 months ago

    Magnum PI was the best show ! Why cancel it when you are 24 episodes away from syndication and with really great ratings... Unbelievable... please do something !

  • Daniel Ekevwerho - 8 months ago

    As a lover of The Vampire Diaries franchise, Legacies' cancellation was shocking for me. For a show that shows a lot of promise, that had the potential to pull more attention over the next couple of years, I fell the studio is making a mistake that may cost them their fan base.

  • Walt Kowalczyk - 8 months ago

    CBS certainly missed the mark cancelling "B Positive". It's first season was interesting, but the refocus of the second season with Gina (Annaleigh Ashford) buying the retirement center she worked at transformed the series to a truly interesting view of aging in at least one segment of America. It also, with those refocused story lines, brought in an incredible cast of seasoned acting pros, Linda Lavin, Hector Elizondo, Jane Seymour, Ben Vereen, Jim Beaver and D.B. Sweeney. Jane Seymour was so terrific in her character to be almost unrecognizable from her previous roles. If CBS had given the show time to really find, by word of mouth, the Baby Boomer audience it was now focused to, it could have had a hit. This show I will miss, especially in how it would have continued to develop.

  • Rosie - 8 months ago

    Magnum PI ???? why!?!?

  • Cate - 8 months ago

    I am so sad about the cancelation of Magnum PI. I went to the CBS website and let them know that I thought they were making a big mistake. Not that I expect it to make a difference, but if enough people do the same thing, maybe they will reconsider.

  • Roxanne Christal - 8 months ago

    B Positive was great, loved this show and Magnum due to the stars, now what do I do Friday nights?

  • Jay Stratton - 8 months ago

    Magnum PI should not be cancelled!!! I was skeptical when it first came on but now my wife and I watch every episode! Thanks for nothing CBS

  • Sandy Carstensen - 8 months ago

    I love sitcoms and I'm thrilled when I find ones a bit different. I truly enjoy watching B Positive, the cast is wonderful, and United States of Al was very entertaining. Not as good but hoping the best for the show, How We Roll barely got a chance. Every commercial is for some stupid hook up show or talent show. I can't and won't waste my time on those shows. I am really really disappointed that many shows are canceled. Don't know what I'll watch.

  • Jill - 8 months ago

    What were they thinking? Magnum P.I. is/was a great show. Canceling it doesn’t make sense. All these comments supporting the show are proof positive.

  • Tim Schmidt - 8 months ago

    Magnum P.I. was a great show and that really stung. I think it had a lot more life left in it and I thought the ratings weren't that bad either. I think that one is a bad decision.

  • Christine Rhymes - 8 months ago

    These stations are so out of touch with people! CW, axed The Outpost last year. Now Legacies, Naomi, Charmed simply wrong decisions as far as I am concerned! Then CBS, with Magnum. Guess I will only be watching Fox and streaming.

  • Marilyn - 8 months ago

    I love magnum pi. I hope they rethink this bad decision or some of us will be watching other networks and movies.

  • RickB - 8 months ago

    Good cast
    Good buddy show with decent, morally centered characters. Guess that is not what networks are looking for now a days. Another dancing show or trash dating (being kind here) show will probably be taking its place. Used to watch MacGiver, Magnum then Blue Bloods on Friday night's. Guess I'll just watch recorded shows then Blue Bloods at 10. Or just record BB to skip commercials and watch at another time ????????????????????

  • Trish Miller - 8 months ago

    I have been enjoying Naomi and was looking forward to season 2. Sad to see it go. Love some of the characters, especially Dee. Wanted to see how Naomi was at full strength and saw potential for a Superman team-up. It was a good show for racial diversity. This is disappointing.

  • Deb - 8 months ago

    Magnum is one of our favorite shows! We always looked forward to Friday with Magnum, followed by Blue Bloods. A perfect way to start the weekend.
    How can CBS cancel such a popular show? Very disappointing!
    Would a petition do any good?

  • Frank Brunot - 8 months ago

    One answer may be to stop supporting all advertisers on CBS. If CBS chooses to cancel Magnum PI, we simply stop buying from CBS advertisers. Hit CBS in the pocketbook!

  • Bunny - 8 months ago

    Noooooooooo, please do not cancel Magnum PI, one of the best TV shows. Somebody, hurry up and pick up this great series. We love all the different story lines and the cast. Both Magnums, Tom and Jay, are terrific. Do the right thing - bring back Higgins and the rest of the crew. Do it now!!!!!

  • Rick - 8 months ago

    Last year it was Macgyver, now Magnum P.I. Bummer.

  • E - 8 months ago

    So very sad to see Magnum PI go! It is a fantastic show with a great cast and a positive vibe. So disappointed in CBS, this was my Friday night go to! Please someone pick up this show!

  • Cathy Debourg - 8 months ago

    Magnum PI was one of the few shows on tv that promoted family values (though none of the characters were related), friendship, loyalty and compassion. CBS renews all three FBI shows that are full of violence, darkness and evil characters but cancels Magnum??? Who made these decisions as CBS?

  • Judy - 8 months ago

    We were fans of the original & wondered what the reboot would be like. We absolutely loved it . The cast amazing, the stories great and always looked forward to the next episode . Totally confused & disappointed as to why it was cancelled. Hopefully another network will be smart enough to give it a new home.

  • J Corum - 8 months ago

    We were fans of the original & wondered what the reboot would be like. We absolutely loved it . The cast amazing, the stories great and always looked forward to the next episode . Totally confused & disappointed as to why it was cancelled. Hopefully another network will be smart enough to give it a new home.

  • Toni Fabanich - 8 months ago

    Magnum was my favorite show. I am tired of all the reality shows and dance shows on CBS. I don't understand why there are so many FBI'sand NCIS shows on CBS. Last year they removed NCIS New Orleans a good show and replaced it with NCIS which can't compare to Magnum P.I. I may just stick to streaming and forget about CBS. I wish they would change their minds.

  • Carol Gillogly - 8 months ago

    I read through all the comments on losing Magnum PI. I agree with all of them. We ALL want to watch a show that has characters who are friends, have served in our military…ah, another reason it was canceled. WE WILL NOT BE CANCELING- cancel the woke crap shows.

  • Sheila Gochnauer - 8 months ago

    Magnum P.I is 1 of the best shows on CBS!! CBS Always cancelled the good shows, I can't wait til Fri night so I can watch it

  • Anne - 8 months ago

    Magnum PI is my favorite show and I wish CBS would realize how many people really liked it and maybe consider changing their decision.

  • William Olson - 8 months ago

    MAGNUM PI. There just seemed to be many more "stories" to tell (as the writers would say) on these wonderful characters. I will miss the wonderful scenery of these beautiful islands and maybe mostly, Perdita's accent. I am a quite a softy for those folks who come to the USA from across the pond (and from Down Under) and retain their beautiful speaking voices. Hope to see Perdita in another venture soon.

  • Peggy - 8 months ago

    I love this show and looked forward to it every Friday. The cast and storyline was always so satisfying.. many people responded with how much they will miss it and the cast felt like Friends.
    I hope CBS will rethink this show.

  • Lois Feguer - 8 months ago

    Magnum PI was the only tv show I looked forward to watching.
    All those reality shows and other stuff is not worth watching.
    I can’t believe you canceled the only good show on CBS
    What are you thinking. Obviously not what the people want.

  • Dianne corn - 8 months ago

    I loved Magnum PI. It was a complete show of adventure, action,, family, and caring about each other which this world needed to see more of now more than ever. Fantastic cast and crew too! So sad!

  • Bonnie - 8 months ago

    Saddened by the networks decision to cancel Magnum PI. What a great show with great characters. Always looked forward to watching each new episode. Magnum PI has been the only reason I subscribe to Paramount. Well no more! Truly a bad decision to cancel a clean, fun and entertaining show!

  • Jack - 8 months ago

    I agree with other comments posted that Magnum was an easy watch thankfully devoid of political statements. I’ve seen some of the other shows that were renewed like Big Sky( I gave up watching that as it had horrible writing and was going nowhere) and NCIS : LA which has totally lost it’s way and wonder who is making these decisions. I hope Magnum ends up picked up by one of the streaming platforms who apparently have more taste and sense than CBS. No wonder regular TV is in trouble

  • Ellen Jensen - 8 months ago

    Magnum has been an "easy" watch, while some other shows get complicated with too many social and personal issues.

  • Anne - 8 months ago

    Canceling Magnum PI was a real blow. It was the one show I looked forward to watching every week. The ratings were good, the acting and stories were great. I just don’t understand the logic behind the cancellation. Hopefully, the network will realize it’s error and bring it back. If not, maybe another network will pick it up. This cancellation was a huge

  • Mary L Greeno - 8 months ago

    A great show, lot's of action and good relationships with no vulgar language. A really good all around program.

  • Judith A. Johnson - 8 months ago

    CBS is crazy. They don't see a good show when it hits them in the face. They ruined my day. This show has alot of what we need today. Friendship, camraderie, common sense, caring people. JUST WHAT WE WANT OUR KIDS TO HEAR MORE ABOUT. I am SO mad what does CBS want ? sex and hateful people who kill everyone? We have enough hate in our country and world. This show was refreshing and I loved it!! I am going to STOP watching CBS. I also hope another station picks the show t up .

  • Billie Jones - 8 months ago

    I liked several of the shows that were on the list of cancellation. It makes me wonder what they will be replaced with. Personally I cannot stand to see another talent show where there is competition of singers or dancers. Scripted shows cost more money than they do. And apparently that seems to be the only thing that matters. Many years ago I got invested in the Dallas reboot. Not only did they cancel it, but they left us with a cliffhanger. Even after thousands of petitions they would not renew it. That is why people don't want to get too invested in a show.

  • Janet Dubnansky - 8 months ago

    Magnum PI why this is the best show out there this is just upsetting.
    Can not believe it ????

  • G l - 8 months ago

    I can only hope another station will pick up magnum pi. It was a show I looked for every week

  • Karen Siudela - 8 months ago

    BPositive was extremely relevant to the age group spending the most time supporting your network. The truth hurts, but exposing the pitfalls of aging in a humorous manner was a very good.

  • Kathy Mullins - 8 months ago

    I guess Magnum P I wasn't woke enough....they didn't have gays, lesbians, transgenders, non binary to keep one of the best shows on CBS. And just when Magnum and Higgins shared their love for each other and shared a gentle kiss. This was a wholesome show....I just can't understand the cancellation and never will. It will come to a point, very sadly where all the mental health sickos of same sex or not knowing what sex or having no sex identity will take over programming. It's getting harder to watch some of these shows. Please think again about NOT cancelling Magnum P I!!!!!

  • Roger Dorio - 8 months ago

    With all the trash on TV - you cancel Magnum PI ????? You need to reconsider - I stay home on Fridays for Magnum and Blue Bloods now I guess I will record and run thru the commercials!!

  • Kathy Hirschboeck - 8 months ago

    CBS I loved FBI when it first started but it has gotten so dark and depressing. FBI is hard to watch anymore. Then I started watching Magnum PI, what a great cast with lots of chemistry, beautiful scenery and always a feel good ending. Why would you cancel this, when the ratings are decent?

  • Deb - 8 months ago

    Devastated to hear that Magnum PI is being cancelled. That show is the only reason I turn my TV on on a Friday. Truly hope the cancellation is reconsidered. It is a wholesome clean show that this world needs! Really hope it is reconsidered. If not, I pray that another station picks up this show along with a few other good ones. Smh

  • Barbara Herndon-Chester - 8 months ago

    Magnum PI was pure, wholesome entertainment. I was devastated to learn of it's cancellation. I was a fan of the original and started watching this fully expecting to not like it. It didn't take long for me to fall in love with the characters and story lines. The actors are all great and the writers wrote great stories. I really wish you'd reconsider!!

  • Darla Liotta - 8 months ago

    Yes very upset over the cancelation of magnum I love that show with Jay Hernandez & perdition weeks they are great together. Favorite Friday night program. I just watch CBS very disappointed ????.

  • Cerys - 8 months ago

    Magnum P.I. was the best, it's been my comfort show since it started in 2018 and I genuinely can't understand why it was cancelled ????

  • Donna Tschetter - 8 months ago

    Both "United States of Al" and "B Positive" cheered us at this terrible time in the pandemic,

    Both will be sorely missed for the optimistic spin on sitcoms.


  • Jane - 8 months ago

    Why Magnam PI beats me! Hope it can continue on streaming or the out cry will bring it back. What was the reason?

  • Betty - 8 months ago

    Magnum is one of the best shows on television! Cast works extremely well together, scenery absolutely beautiful, one of the few shows you can watch as a family! Only reason to watch CBS on Friday night! Hopefully another station can pick up this show - why couldn’t they have canceled some of the trashy shows and left good ones alone?

  • Donna - 8 months ago

    CW didn’t deserve Roswell. It was such a good show. Wish someone else would pick that one up.

  • Norman Labat - 8 months ago

    looks like Magnum P I is America's favorite show and its being cancelled.
    Makes no sense at all.
    CBS must rethink this. I think the show's sponsors are sorry to see it go also.

  • Randy Stuart - 8 months ago

    Stunned on Magnum PI, Really Liked the show & a Great Lead in for Blue Bloods, cant understand CBS Logic here & even last year on NCIS New Orleans to middle of pack rated shows with overall above average numbers zap gone!! Also sad to see The End Game go on NBC, I liked it and NBC put it up against NCI Hawaii so they really gave it No Chance too bad put it on another night and it could have worked. As a Big TV Watcher in my 60's I will miss these 2 Shows.

  • Lucille de la Chevrotiere - 8 months ago

    We need a show like Magnum P.I. It is very entertaining with the good stories that they do and the scenery in Hawaii is just beautiful. In this day and age with so much goriness and violence it is nice to watch a show that you can get involved in and be entertained at the same time. Please reconsider and bring back Magnum P.I. as it is a very good series and would be very missed.

  • Diane Luft - 8 months ago

    I can’t understand the decision to cancel Magnum. Over the past four years I have enjoyed watching the show and seeing their characters develop. Whether or not it gets renewed, I would like to thank the cast. They work so well together and do a fantastic job. Maybe another network will pick it up.

  • Gwen - 8 months ago

    MMAGNUM PI and BULL are shows that NEED TO BE REINSTATED!!!!
    The truly sad part is those shiws will be replaced by lower quality shows! I m8ght have to CANCEL CBS!!

  • Colin - 8 months ago

    CBS are crazy for cancelling a great show like magnum P.I, there was so much more they could do in the show like magnum going up against that lady fixer again and what about knowing if TC gets the boy back from his trip to see #family . To many good shows are getting cancelled for no good reason production company's have no idea what they are doing or what the public want

  • Kate - 8 months ago

    No Magnum PI was to good to cancel cannot understand why they would do that hate hate hate when a series is cancelled without a decent ending

  • Sean Brown - 8 months ago

    How We Roll should have never been a TV show. Everyone upset about Magnum PI just needs to look at the decision by CBS to green light a show with one of the worst premises in the history of television.

  • Clem - 8 months ago

    I am so heartbroken to see Magnum PI go... Not even because of ratings (they were more than good on that front). It should be illegal to cancel a show with good ratings.. they should have found a compromise to get us a season 5 even with less episodes just to wrap everything up...
    Even the cast and crew thought they were renewed...

  • Kare Kriegermeier - 8 months ago

    I am shocked and absolutely dismayed that they cancelled Magnum P.I.
    I was a big fan of the original series and began watching the reboot fully expecting to hate it. Yet, surprisingly it drew me in. I found myself enjoying the changes in the characters while noting that it still kept some things I liked from the original show (the look of the helicopter, the opening music and the fun dynamics of the interpersonal relationships of the ensemble). I was looking forward to see the relationship develop between Magnum and Higgins (and yes, it is weird to hear myself say that!) Big mistake CBS!!!!

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