Whose argument do you support in the disagreement over who should attend the Summit of the Americas?

  • Pedro Gellert - 1 month ago

    It's pretty outrageous that the U.S. government, which has installed, financed, and supported the bloodiest doctatorships throughout the hemisphere for decades if not centuries, wants to exclude certain countries because Washington does not consider them "democratic". By the way, the Venesuelan elections, as former President Jimmy Carter declared, are among the most democratic in the world. And that's not even consideriong the U.S. elections where a president who loses the popular vote and can wind up being elected, not to speask of the current wholesale assault on the voting rights of African-Americans and other minorities. AMLO SHOULD BE SUPPORTED 100%.

  • Deb - 1 month ago

    All countries should attend and talk to each other. End division!!! It needs to stop. We're all neighbors....treat each other as so.

  • Timothy Schubert - 1 month ago

    I am a USA citizen living in Mexico. No one has addressed why is the US government is making this an issue. An essential ingredient is the Cubano American control of Florida and essentially who will be president. A second common US point of view is that is that the three countries have dictatorships. In the case of Venezuela there appears to no end in sight. What to do? The USA will not intervene keeping the agreement made no to. So now the friendship of the Latin Americans for Venezuela is to aid and abet this ongoing human disaster which is compromising adjacent countries as Venezuelans flee. Is this the way friendship works? Supporting and encouraging leadership that is destroying people. It would appear that with or without this Summit, as a region making nice is not serving the common good. The drift towards dictatorships is scary especially for the lack of recognition. And the Putin of the world march on.

  • Diana Beamish - 1 month ago

    The United States interfere with the running of most countries in the world and what a mess they have made.Their Foreign Policy is based on self interest and what is best for America. A shameful example is the billions they give to Israel and their support of apartheid and shocking treatment of Palestinians!

  • Ben - 1 month ago

    The US excluding countries from a summit is a terrible decision/ the US hates democracy & poor people / many government overthrown by them is proof of this claim/ / the bombing of many poor people & treatment of their own citizens is proof of that hatred for poor people

  • Adrián Álvarez - 1 month ago

    Boicotting an interamerican meeting is is a distraction to local problems unsolved by Mexico’s worst president in history. Trump’s friend is also looking for ways to stay in power permanently

  • Joe Olague - 1 month ago

    I side with Mexico. The summit is called "The Summit of the Americas" not the United States summit of the Americas by invitation only. Yes, there will be diverse objectives and heated debates, but that's politics .
    Joe Olague MA.ed

  • Ysaura - 1 month ago

    All countries should be invited. How else are real discussions about important issues take place? And the US should be on an equal footing with all the other countries, not as the Supreme leader and colonizers it is. And I was born in the US.

  • Toma Mundo - 1 month ago

    I agree with Mark Krumrei. Amlo is not perfect, but when you look at past presidents, he is one of the best.

  • Oscar Ugarteche - 1 month ago

    Multilateral spaces do not belong to any one State. America´s Summits, formerly called Inter American Development Summits, are an OAS space, and as such, they must include all member countries, or it ceases to be a space for dialogue. Overthrowing Governments, which the US dislikes, do not help democracy or development. The middle east is the best example. Finally, The US should respect the principle of non-intervention agreed upon in the UN charter without exceptions. Not long ago, Obama met the Cuban President in Panama in one such meeting.

  • Geoffrey Rogg - 1 month ago

    I say Mexico because the USA under Biden’s leadership is like an ocean liner wallowing in the sea without power or steering. A total disaster but no matter, Trumpism will soon return by popular demand provided they don’t stuff the ballot boxes like the last time

  • Mark Kromrei - 1 month ago

    I left a comment and you didn't post it. You've done this to me before. I won't renew my subscription.

  • Mark Kromrei - 1 month ago

    I wrote a comment... It's the second time my comment has been tabled. I'll think about that before I renew.

  • Mark Kromrei - 1 month ago

    Hypocrites...That people actually believe the US is a democracy, is unhinged from reality. Gore won the vote by 2 million...Bush got the presidency. Clinton won by 5 million votes, Trump got the presidency. And look no further than the corrupt way the Supreme Court has been packed. OMG fools... AMLO speaks the truth, and the Neo liberals hate it.

  • Cheri - 1 month ago

    I think it is important to have dialogue with those we do not agree with. How do we hope to influence them, by not talking to them?

  • Hank Shiver - 1 month ago

    Get religion out of it and they will all support democracy. The Catholic Church prefers fascism.

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