Grade the 'United States of Al' finale:


  • D. Stephens - 2 months ago

    Now you know why CBS is failing. Get a show that's funny and fairly original and boom! Cancelled in favor of rehashed tripe served up to phone zombies.

  • Michelle M - 3 months ago

    CBS missed an incredible opportunity (and public service) by cancelling The United States of Al. Most Americans are unfamiliar with Afghan culture or their role with American Soldiers. They only know horror stories about the Taliban. After half a decade of generated xenophobia thanks to ignorance and wayward politics, people equated refugees as a threat when they were not. It wasnt just a comedy but a tool to open the minds and hearts of America and overcome the small minded attitude. I hope another station picks this up. CBS truly failed on this call.

  • Don Arams - 3 months ago

    BTW, Ghosts is downright awful.

  • Don Adams - 3 months ago

    Sorry CBS cancelled Al even though it was getting a bit raunchy.

    Used to be that the networks would employ some moral discretion with shows appearing before 9 PM while children were still awake and watching.

    But I guess that practice has gone the way of every other decent standard we once followed.

  • Sloan Kim - 3 months ago

    I really enjoyed watching United States of Al, and wished they had a series finale to tie up all the loose ends. Anytime I get into a show, they cancel it or fail to renew the series without a finale the ends the show.

  • Norma Cobbs - 3 months ago

    I really enjoyed The United States of Al. The characters were very likable, and the additional people who came on to the show expanded the story line, and I was eager to see where things would lead. Although the show is a comedy, it touched upon some serious problems (e.g. ptsd, divorce, cultural differences, loneliness), in an honest way. I can’t believe it was cancelled.

  • Catherine - 3 months ago

    ✍️ CBS what are you thinking?? Canceling Al and B Positive and keeping Ghosts?? And worse yet, not giving either one a chance at a proper ending! CBS fans deserve better than that!! Don't we?? How disappointing!!!
    We need funny! We had funny! And you took funny away!! ????
    Please, please bring them back!!! ????

  • Lorie - 3 months ago

    Very disappointed, one of the best comedy shows

  • Linda S. - 3 months ago

    I just sat down to try to watch this season’s first episodes of United States of Al and was so disappointed to discover it had been canceled. There aren’t enough shows on tv these days that tackle such real-life issues as PTSD and Afghan interpreters adjusting to new lives in the US. I really hope you’ll reconsider and bring it back.

  • Barbara - 4 months ago

    Bring back United States of Al such a great comedy!!!
    So so sad it was cancelled!
    Also B positive bring it back such a great show! What it CBS doing? They had such a good Thursday night lineup!
    Please bring them back!

  • Joni Kinsey - 4 months ago

    I'm so bummed as are several of my friends. The United States of Al is the one show that made us laugh, the 2 shows they left for Thursdays we don't even watch 1 because Sheldon no the cute little kid anymore and Ghosts just isn't funny. Bring back Al!

  • Lori - 4 months ago

    I am so disappointed United States of AL was canceled. It was one of the best shows on TV. I am a military parent and my emotions run high as I watch with sensitivity and care how the lives of our vertaransinterperters and Military families are portrayed. In Hlooywood we expect onside politics to be shown with mo regards to how a diverse America feels, especially those who serve
    This show had mopolirical agenda it just showed the reality of the heroism and struggles and complexity of our 20 involvement in Afganastan on a very personal level
    The actors are comical as well as true dramatic performers
    It was such a poor choice to cancel this show
    It resonates with so many in a way most shows never can. O am very disappointed...

  • Lucy Hamann - 4 months ago

    So disappointed that this show was canceled, it was really funny and I was looking forward to seeing where it would go next season. You left us all hanging. Poor decision to cancel the show. Bring it back!! Please. It’s been done before

  • Shawna - 5 months ago

    So sorry you canceled US of Al. It was funny, we always looked forward to Thursday nights. The show Ghosts stinks, get rid of it! Too bad CBS, you failed again.

  • Adeline Machado - 5 months ago

    Sooo disappointed that United States of Al has been canceled. We need more real comedy in our lives as opposed to so much of the trash being shown on television these days.

  • Elizabeth - 5 months ago

    Can’t believe CBS canceled Al & kept Ghosts. Obviously CBS doesn’t care about viewer preferences. CBS continues to go downhill. Very sad

  • Roger Calvert - 6 months ago

    This is so very disappointing. I cannot understand how such a well acted and balanced show will not be returning for a third season. It was a wonderful combination of humor and serious content. Extremely well written and acted. I looked forward to watching every week.
    I was looking forward to seeing how the story lines would play out.

  • Roger Calvert - 6 months ago

    This is so very disappointing. I cannot understand how such a well acted and balanced show will not be returning for a third season. It was a wonderful combination of humor and serious content. Extremely well written and acted. I looked forward to watching every week.
    I was looking forward to seeing how the story lines would play out.

  • Blanche Martin - 7 months ago

    I so looked forward to Thursday night programming. US of Al and B Positive are my two favorite shows. Ghosts, not so much. What is CBS thinking of? So very disappointing.

  • Becky Simpson - 7 months ago

    CBS has disappointed me again. Can’t believe this outstanding program has been cancelled . It was such a learning experience for me to learn about interpreters from Afghanistan. It was a highlight of Thursday evening to watch the show. Will really be missed.

  • Joanne Porco - 7 months ago

    I am shocked that these two shows were cancelled. They were always in the top 20 (if not top 10) on the ratings chart in TV Guide. I looked forward to the Thursday night line up. I haven't enjoyed a comedic line up like that in so long. I don't know what CBS is thinking and I'm hoping that some other networks will pick up United States of Al and B Positive. These are great shows with great acting and writing. I'm very disappointed.

  • Robert J Mertens - 7 months ago

    Ususl CBS stupidity, remember people CBS does this all the time going all the way back to WKRP in Cincinnati. (I still remember,, in it,'s last year season CBS kept moving it claiming to see if it could hold it's audience. The audience kept finding it, but CBS cancelled it anyway). It is still amazing to me Big Bang Theory survived and lasted. Then the replacement show isn't nearly as good and they dump that one. CBS takes their audience for granted. CBS IS NO LONGER THR PLACE FOR GREAT COMEDY, Their expectation seems to be that each show must be top 15 or maybe top 20 to be safe. Also remember, this show and B Positive are WB Warner Bros. Shows, not CBS)Paramount profuced shows. This was the same case a number of years ago with "The Unit" a Fox produced show. This is CBS' HISTORY. (Remember Gilligan's Island).

  • Jeanne70 - 8 months ago

    US of A Was one of my fav shows, along with B positive, and now both are gone. CLEAN SHOWS, funny and tender humor, insight into what military people who have gone to war handle life when they get back, and for B Positive it was a light hearted look into what someone goes thru with kidney dialysis, nursing home life. I get it’s not real, but they were both funny and interesting. Every time I get into one of the clean funny shows they get taken off after 2-3 years. MOM WAS ANOTHER ONE. GHOSTS??? REALLY?.???

  • Susan - 8 months ago

    I am very disappointed that Al has been canceled. It is one of the few comedies on tv and I loved this show. I need to laugh! So sorry CBS can’t see this.

  • Debra Richardson - 8 months ago

    What is wrong with CBS? Two great sitcoms cancelled US of Al and B positive. I hope another network picks them up. We need some funny shows to make us laugh. I agree with all of the above comments.

  • Rita - 8 months ago

    Really disappointed that United states of al got canceled. My husband and I really enjoyed it. We never missed an episode. We like comedies and real life circumstances combined. There are way too many cop shows on. Magnum PI was a good one and it got canceled. We won't be watching prime time CBS anymore on the nights the new shows they picked up are playing. Previews suck.

  • Danny - 8 months ago

    It is sad that CBS cancelled Al...we need more comedies on CBS not less., Isn't there enough dramas on there then cutting to only 1 hour on Thursdays now...bring back our comedies...

  • Michele Ashworth - 8 months ago

    Sad that AL got cancelled and there was no closure for series.

  • Jenn - 8 months ago

    I will miss United States of Al a lot. It did pretty well in the ratings too. I guess they just didn’t have a spot for it on the schedule & had to make room for the new shows so it was axed. Still sucks though.

  • On the road agsin - 8 months ago

    Very disappointed to learn that that Al and B Positive were canceled. My family looked forward to watching both shows every week. Born of then, particularly Al, had a lot of potential storyline to explore.

  • Cathy mullin - 8 months ago

    I look forward to Thursday night only night I watch CBS TV NOW I WILL WATCH EVEN LESS CBS BECAUSE YOU CANCELLED US AL.

  • Phyllis Csaszar - 8 months ago

    I looked forward to Monday and Thursday nite tv. Like Bob loves Aboashola, dislike the neighborhood cuz i think Cedric is a jerk. Didn't like B postive when it came out cuz the lead male was not likeable but when the show changed to the nursing home the show was great to watch. The past few episodes of Al was too focused on sex but i still like it a lot. And i did not bother to watch the bowling show so don't know enough to like or hate it.
    I'll go back to my streaming on my kindle and skip watching tv. We can complain all we want but tv execs dont care what we want they are too busy playing god.

  • Sue Hartzell - 8 months ago

    Another great series cancelled!! We have to many evenings when we resort to Netflex instead of CBS, ABC or NBC, Thursday we knew we would be on 'real' TV all evening - until Let's Roll came along.

  • Donna Murray - 8 months ago

    There are very few shows I watch on TV any more but United States of Al I looked forward to every week along with B Positive. I can't understand CBS's thinking on these 2 excellent shows.

  • D.L Jones - 8 months ago

    I am so sorry to see these shows cancelled. They were really good for a break from this world chaos. I hope the higher ups will reconsider these decisions. No one is getting shot or blown up or saving the world. Just some humor.

  • Jack holmes - 8 months ago

    People need a break from all the drama. What's wrong with some silly doesn't make you think good comedy tv. Instead you beat us to death with
    shows like FBI, CSI from every major city in the US. Enough already

  • Barbara Colvin - 8 months ago

    Can we do what Tim Allen did for last man standing. Get United States of Al on a different network this was my favorite show and am heartbroken it is ending. It had so much more story line to give. We love you United States of Al. Ps network execs need to get their head out of their ass

  • Jacquie Carman - 8 months ago

    I am just sick at the loss of Unites States of Al, B Positive & How we roll. The United States of Al is such a heartwarming, clever funny wonderful show & we still have not been told why any of these 3 shows were canceled!!!!
    What can we do to force CBS to reinstate these shows?
    In these uncertain times, we desperately need humor & love & care in our TV sitcoms, & not more depressing sad shows.
    What petition can we sign to bring these shows back?

  • Jacquie Carman - 8 months ago

    I am just sick at the loss of Unites States of Al, B Positive & How we roll. The United States of Al is such a heartwarming, clever funny wonderful show & we still have not been told why any of these 3 shows were canceled!!!!
    What can we do to force CBS to reinstate these shows?
    In these uncertain times, we desperately need humor & love & care in our TV sitcoms, & not more depressing sad shows.
    What petition can we sign to bring these shows back?

  • Linda kinsey - 8 months ago

    SO disappointed, Al was a favorite in our home.

  • Kathy G - 8 months ago

    When were we, the viewers, ever asked during the run what we thought? Never!!! Now CBS can read our minds? Completely disgusted with the cancellations and their reasoning. It was always a pleasure to watch the show and the message it delivered. I for one will not watch CBS. Too many shows cancelled with no ending planned out...think about them... They leave us hanging with no resolutions....I have resolved by finding other networks to watch as my resolution to the "higher ups"that don't have a clue what they are doing...they need to be replaced!

  • Jerry Eoff - 8 months ago

    Really enjoyed Al and B Positive, much better than The Neighborhood. How much longer are we stuck with NCIS. Wish that the producers would do a wrap up show with B Positive and Al instead of leaving it in limbo. B Positive had an excellent cast.

  • Suzanne - 8 months ago

    Lost a piece. 0f relaxation for me on Thursday. US of AL had good actors , writing g superb. Same for B positive. I'm sure money involved for axing good quality shows.

  • Diane - 8 months ago

    United States of Al is a great show! The characters are smart, funny and sensitive. The plotlines are interesting and informative. This show goes for more than just laughs. It's about people solving real problems. WHY ARE YOU CANCELLING THIS? C'mon CBS. Reverse this boneheaded decision!

  • Angela - 8 months ago

    So disappointed for the end of United States of Al and B positive ! Bring United States of Al to paramount!!!!

  • R Robinson - 8 months ago

    It's very sad that United States of Al & B Positive are cancelled. Both were entertaining & had characters who were relatable. There are many other inane shows that need to be cancelled-not these 2 shows.

  • Patti Conrad - 8 months ago

    The United States of Al was by far the most interesting and original show to air in some time.The dialog was not cliched and treated the audience like they were intelligent enough to understand without yelling at the cameras. This was a show that made me laugh and made me cry. It had real substance and I'm sure the network executives have a hard time understanding that. And they wonder why everyone is streaming content.
    Poor, stupid executives.

  • Rick - 8 months ago

    CBS just can’t figure out what it views like. They cancelled Clarice after one season, United states of Al after 2 seasons, but you’re renewing Bob loves whats her name…really? cancelled NCIS New Orleans last year and moved NCIS off tuesday nights to monday for 3 FBI shows- Really? How much did dick wolf bribe CBS to move a show from its slot of 19 years?

    Oh wait CBS even brought back Chris Meloni who thought he was more of a star than Mariska Hargitay years ago. He couldn’t land another show . The new Law and order organized crime sucks. The new law and order sucks . The last time you really moved shows around and screwed viewers, it was for Jay Leno’s loser show. CBS just isnt a channel to depend on or invest any time watching anymore.

    Netflix keeps getting better….. CBSucks !

  • Barbara - 8 months ago

    Really disappointed to learn that 2 of my favorite Thursday night shows are being canceled. Both the US According to Al and B Positive have been axed to my disbelief. Both shows had such great acting and storylines unlike most of the other sit coms on today.They also dealt realistically with 2 current topics in our world. The issues of trauma and PTSD as a veteran tries to integrate into normal life back home after being in a war.and the challenges a military interpreter faces in his adopted homeland. B positive addressed the challenge of aging and placement into caring senior homes and the comaraderie once there. Wish the network would reconsider????

  • Karen Kantor - 8 months ago

    I am really disappointed that United States of Al was cancelled. It was entertaining, funny, dramatic and interesting. The characters were very interesting. I really liked the military characters and the interpreter's
    immigration issues. The show was well written and well acted.

  • Donna Newsham - 8 months ago

    Hate that United States of Al can’t have a proper last season with closer. I feel the same about B-Positive. Can’t under that these networks don’t factor in that each one is sharing the 100% of people watching with far more networks than they did a decade or so ago. I wonder do they factor how many people are DVR-ing or watching on demand. Truly funny, clean shows get the ax while the air space gets filled with obnoxious reality show or others we can’t watch with our families and just decompress having a few good laughs. Wrong!

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