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Are you wary about attending Mexican fireworks displays?

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  • Bart el G├╝ero Oso - 2 months ago

    The loud explosions are completly unnecessary. The colorful fireworks are delightful. Loved and treasured pets are lost with every explosive display. I personal would support a complete ban of fireworks louder than 55 Decibels. Currently most states and cities outlaw any fireworks. Putting dangerous explosive devices in the hands of idiots is not a smart thing to do. I feel the money can be better used to help the poor than provide a few moment of delight.

  • B. Koszegi - 2 months ago

    I can't believe that cohetes are allowed at all, anywhere! Many animals, many highly-sensitive people, and many veteran soldiers are terrified by these HORRIBLE noises. My friend's son in law in Israel can NEVER visit Mexico for fear of hearing these war-like explosions which send him into trembling fear-reactions! Also many Mexican friends admit that they don't really like them but they never say anything about not liking or even hating them. And that money could be spent on beautiful fireworks that explode more quietly in gorgeous colorful light bursts, and/or to helping homeless and poor people with food distribution programs.

  • Ted - 2 months ago

    No worried at all. Happy to see the fire works. Like to see more.

  • David - 2 months ago

    No...have attended many Mexican fiestas over our years living and visiting Mexico. They are a beautiful display. Would miss too the cohetes at Mexican celebrations if they were eliminated. There are risks daily in all our lives. That is part of living we need to accept. Use common sense considerations and enjoy life in its fullest without fears. Accidents happen and those are tragic, but more non-accident events occur than ones with accidents. Stress and fear is more damaging to a persons physical and emotional health than a display of fireworks and potential for an accident.

  • Adriana - 2 months ago

    More concern about government allowing fireworks, both display and manufacturing.

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