Grade the series finale of 'This Is Us':


  • Jennifer O'Connor - 2 years ago

    Such a let down! Everything leading up to the finale was amazing! I cried through the second to last episode! Should have been a 2 hour special,and should have explained the references to grown up blind child and the grilling/pool scene, that we are exposed to several episodes before! What actually became of him? It seems he has wealth and a wife, but would have been nice to see how all that happened. Really left that hanging…would also have been nice to experience the real funeral, and what the kids might have said! Very disappointed!!
    Lastly, changing actors for Randall’s children in the last two episodes was a mistake! Made it much less believable!

  • Bob Davidson - 2 years ago

    I still am thinking about “The Train” - it really moved me. The closing episode? Not so much. It was a letdown. I would have liked to have heard at least some of the eulogies at the funeral.

    Nonetheless, This Is Us os a television treasure. Mandy Moore is immensely talented.

  • Beth - 2 years ago

    I hope the writers of this show get some kind of award. Never have I watched a show where you sit with a box of tissues on your lap and get totally involved in so many lives in an hour. This show was not only well acted but beautifully written especially the train episode. I hated to see it end.

  • Beth - 2 years ago

    Fortunately I had read that the last episode would not be as emotional as it’s predecessor. The Train was a beautiful episode. This one showed what its creator Fogelman said the show was about. Life after death and how you’re still intertwined with those you’ve lost even after they’re gone. Other series finales could take a lesson or two from how TIU ended. I’m okay with not having all the answers. It allows me to fill in blanks. Isn’t that how real life is, anyway?

  • Krizia Medina - 2 years ago

    I can agree there could've been more answers to questions we all still have.. but I also feel it's kinda like a part of us doesn't want the show to end so we will forever be insatiable when it comes to tying "loose ends". I loved every episode and the shows message and story as a whole, as well as some of the valid points they brought up i.e. dementia, depression,anxiety, abandonment, hope, etc etc..this will be a hard one to top that's for sure! I will miss miss the Pearson's for life ( even the Pearson's that are not related i.e. Maddy, toby etc..) I love you Randall &Beth!!

  • Kathy - 2 years ago

    Loved the message in the ending. Favorite episode was Migal's. Loved the writing of the Life Train, loved seeing William again. Thank you for bringing Dementia to the forefront, as I just lost my father to this disease. Thank you Dan Fogleman I will truly miss this show.

  • Donna Spakes - 2 years ago

    The train episode was beautiful and creative! I was pleased overall with the finale, but there were disappointments. It seemed like everyone forgot about Jack and Kyle. The story began with Jack and Rebecca and I feel like it should’ve ended with Jack and Rebecca with much more attention on the good life they created, even though life on earth was cut short. I feel like they should’ve at least mentioned Kyle. It just seemed like the whole focus of the show ended up being about William and Randall instead. he was barely there for his grand children while Rebecca was there for all of them. But I guess just like in real life, sometimes other people get credit for things they didn’t even do and there’s nothing fair about it. Thank you for the tears and laughter… This is Us!

  • Cat - 2 years ago

    “The Train” was so beautifully done, that it made this finale such a letdown. I wish that Rebecca would have reunited with both Jack and Kyle at the end.

  • Leslie Slan - 2 years ago

    I was disappointed in the finale. After the last two episodes I was ecpecting much more tying up of loose ends. In episode 17 I did not feel that the characters of Marcus and his family were well developed and it seemed irrelevant to the story and disconnected. I did think the trai scene was beautiful and poetic like. I heard there will be a movie made and look forward to that.

  • Jan - 2 years ago

    I thought The Train was one of the most creative finale episodes I have ever seen. The last episode was a let down and was not very special.

  • Karen Rivard - 2 years ago

    Disappointed in the ending. It was nonchalant. My fab episode this season was Miguel’s. I had no idea I Iiked him so much until he passed

  • Erin - 2 years ago

    Last week was really the finale. This week was a recap. I did like how Rebecca squeezed Jack’s hand at the end but i was disappointed that Rebecca never reunited with Kyle. I felt the show would explain that Jack had to die to be with Kyle and Rebecca had to stay to take care of the others. There wouldn’t have been a Randall Pearson without Kyle’s death. Dr K even mentions him last week, yet Rebecca never sees him.
    We also never learned the secret ingredient in Rebecca’s mom’s apple pie. There was an entire episode about their relationship, yet no mother on the train. She should’ve been on the train holding a pie with the little sign of the secret ingredient, I.e., made with love.
    I loved this show but last weeks finale could’ve been even better.

  • Katie - 2 years ago

    It was the best ending to the best drama I have ever seen. I remember speaking directly to Dan fogelman when the show 1st started on Twitter and he was telling me a little about the show and he said by the time they get to the last season, the entire show will be all wrapped up in a nice little bow and it will be an ending that everyone will love. So that's exactly what the show was about tonight... But as soon as they mentioned The Big Three ... That was when I cried but it was absolutely a beautiful ending in the way I would have wanted it to end. So, thank you Dan fogelman for one of the most beautiful shows on TV. I will always miss the Pearson family!

  • Thomas - 2 years ago

    The Train should have been the final episode.

  • Kay - 2 years ago

    I loved it. As always it was filled with twists and turns. Thanks to the people that put this series together because so much hit reality. Thanks for bringing to the conscious front what happens with dementia. This is us…..

  • Deb - 2 years ago

    Last week was phenomenal. I thought about it all week. There has been a lot of posts from cast members and interviews this week as well so I was really anticipating more than what we got. It was good, don’t get me wrong, but I was a little let down. I loved this show and will miss it so much!!!!!!

  • Joe Langowski - 2 years ago

    The week before was so much better wanted more but was good

  • Andrew - 2 years ago

    It was ok; but given the rest of the whole show, and the awesomeness they all performed thru out This Is Us, this just wasn’t up to par.

    Goodbye This Is Us, and thank you for the fish.

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