The Hulk Hogan Cunt of the Year


  • Jacob - 7 months ago

    I don't hold it against Kip for what he did. Other wrestlers are pretty adamant about not discussing wrestling on their streams. Adam Cole is an example of one.

  • Nick - 7 months ago

    I hate Kip Sabin is a dick, no one would watch your shitty stream if you werent on AEW

  • Johnny - 7 months ago

    Gotta go with Kip, it was so recent and VERY cunty

  • Planescaped - 7 months ago

    Oh man, way too many good options for this one. But gotta go with Michael Buffer. He went from the "Ready to Tumble" guy to "that douche" in my eyes solely because of this arc.

  • Nathan - 8 months ago

    Has to be buffer, dude was getting a quarter mil for 5 words at 50 grand a word and then to hotdog about other people using it? Nah he is a great business man and bit of a dick.

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