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How much annual paid vacation time / PTO do you get from your employer? (Poll Closed)

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  • raven_smiles - 2 years ago

    I've been with my organization for almost 20 years and have maxed out the PTO available, 5 weeks. My organization also has a sabbatical program. New hires start out with 2 weeks, which is low in my opinion. But there are flex days available which does help.

  • {your name here} - 2 years ago

    At a small startup, when they converted to an unlimited PTO policy, it created a huge amount of anxiety in the staff. With a defined PTO policy, everyone knows how much PTO is "too much", but when it's unlimited, it's harder to tell when someone has crossed the line.

  • Was A Community CIO - 2 years ago

    Although my PTO is unlimited, no one does my job while I'm gone. No financial need to give notice when I leave, because my employer doesn't have a PTO bank to pay out.

  • Shhh bby is OK - 2 years ago

    If a company changes their PTO from accrued to unlimited, is it a signal that they're cleaning up their AP in anticipation of a sale? I think that Allscripts went unlimited before the Harris sale - anecdote or trend?

  • Greg Park - 2 years ago

    At first I thought the practice of supplying unlimited PT was ludicrous, but then I considered all of the time saved by not having to record and specify each hour of a work week, not to mention that many salaried full timers are measured on outcomes and not time spent.

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