Grade the Season 4B premiere of 'Sistas':


  • Zea - 9 months ago

    Please bring in the LOVE, ROMANCE, AUTHENCITY for each of these remarkable African Queens. Nomore hollywood....
    Dani - True love with her beautiful cowboy.
    Karen- drop the salty / nice / nasty behavior and allow the preacher to love her and their baby.
    Andi- Time for true love with the Security/ Data/ Dancer man. Time for true love.
    Sabrina- Hallelujah from Our Motherland. Yes!!!!! Bring the chivalry, passion, and true love....
    Maurice- Deserves Real Love and all the bells and flowers. Grown-up love.
    God's Continued Blessings.
    I love and appreciate you and your gift Tyler Perry.
    His Humbled Servant,
    Zea, 6.8.2022

  • Rene’ - 9 months ago

    The Fatima scene was very stupid overboard and in last like and furthermore I don’t like her with Zac!!!

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