Grade the premiere of FX's 'The Old Man':


  • Robert - 2 years ago

    First episode was slow, dark (needed some light) and quite (turned volume WAY up) and confusing. Second had some plot, action and revealed the story. Third was impactive with much action, story and still more suspense.
    I’ll never understand why some TV series start with a yawn. NO ( never) movies do this!!

  • Bonnie - 2 years ago

    The Old Man is a good show and keeps your attention the entire time. Jeff Bridges is an amazing actor. This movie keeps you in suspense and is worth the time to watch it. I highly recommend it... Every Friday!!!

  • LC Bayless - 2 years ago

    So Jeff Bridges never did episodic tv cuz the right vehicle hasn't come along? Well hold on, I'm riding shotgun for this one! Talk about a thriller - then, it smoothes out like caramel on ice cream for the character development and back story. I'll have a difficult time waiting for a once weekly episode, but I'll find a way. Well done, fx and Warren Littlefield. I'm a lifelong Jeff and Beau Bridges fan.

  • Shirley Spaulding - 2 years ago

    Jeff Bridges is great in everything he does, The Old Man is no different. All the cast members are perfect. Can’t wait for Thursdays.

  • Boots Kleine - 2 years ago

    I enjoyed every single minute of this fantastic show! How great to see somebody who isn't in their twenties exerting real power and strategy.
    Jeff Bridges is fantastic in this role as is Lithgow.
    I found myself on the edge of my seat and holding my breath! I will not want to miss an episode!

  • Sheila Reddeck-Johnson - 2 years ago

    Loovvve Jeff Bridges.... Glad to see FX decided to cast him in the series. I'm sure fans will not be disappointed.

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