Have you ever heard of organized crime extortion going on at a public market in your community?

  • Sharon - 6 days ago

    They put my neighbors vegetable market out of business. He had to buy worse and worse quality in order to pay them until he lost so many customers he closed. This was San Miguel de Allende in GTO.

  • Grace Sandoval - 2 weeks ago

    Our fore fathers were born in. Guananuato Mexico in 1892 and 1893 and were employed for the railroad in Guananuato Mexico where the Train was built and.built railroad tracks to run the train with coal called La Maquina. Cars were developed from the train built in Guanajuato Mexico. Coal is refined to gasoline to run the cars. We do not agree to any extortion in the world. Everyone can enjoy transportation in the world.

  • Estaban Moreno - 2 weeks ago

    Not my concern Why is it yours?

  • El Codo - 2 weeks ago

    My business partner and I were threatened and shown pistols in the Central de Abastos in Morelia Michoacan. Our crime? We failed to pay a coyote middleman to handle the transaction.the coyote's cut would have equaled fourteen percent of the gross product price. The market buyers won't buy coyote free fruit and produce. Where is the federal government to set up sting operations to save poor people from paying narco taxes?

  • Victoria Wagner - 2 weeks ago

    No I have not

  • Diana larsen - 2 weeks ago

    How can this be allowed to happen?
    So disgusting !!!!

  • Maria - 2 weeks ago

    Right now it’s going on at the markets in Acapulco artesanía and food market

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