Do you support the initiative to legalize assisted suicide in Mexico?


  • Sandy Hogan - 1 year ago

    We help our pets pass over when they are suffering and nothing can be done to save them. How can one justify easing a pet's suffering, but believe a person should suffer horrible pain when there is no chance of recovery? If you are religious and believe God is good, do you believe He really loves to see people suffer?

  • robert d corkrum - 1 year ago

    If there is a GOD I was given the right by him to end my life.

  • David Holmquist - 1 year ago

    Yes. I lived in Oregon with carefully designed rules for legal medical end of life. It has worked very well. I would move back there to die if MX will not permit this humane course of action.

  • Robin Marie Chernault - 1 year ago

    Yes. I have terminal lung illness plus several other illnesses that cause me unbearable pain.

  • Monae’ - 1 year ago

    Democracy demands each persons right to their own life… Remember “ life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”

  • Geoffrey Rogg - 1 year ago

    Assisted or self inflicted suicide is in direct contradiction of Biblical and Judeo-Christian teaching of the sacredness of human life. In cases of extreme suffering from incurable and fatal illness life support systems may be removed at the patient’s request but never replaced by any life extinguishing means.

  • George - 1 year ago

    It would be better for all if a doctor and loved ones agreed with the patient that it’s hopeless. It would be a gentle way to check out.

  • Anonymous - 1 year ago

    For some of us with cancer, it would be a relief to know this when the time comes to more extreme pain and not being a burden to our loved ones.

  • Gixellia - 1 year ago

    Stu, as a former Catholic, I relate to those many people worldwide who leave Catholicism. The abuse by priests and higher-ups, the negation of women, and doctrines even Jesus would not teach should give the pope a lot to think about.

  • Heather - 1 year ago

    If someone is terminally ill with no treatment options left they are usually in terrible pain WHY would you no support ending that hell for them ??? Religion or no compassion is what matters.

  • James Clark - 1 year ago

    Killing is killing.

  • Stu - 1 year ago

    It is tragic that Mexico has forsaken its Catholic faith. A faith that proclaims the sacredness of life and the providence of God in the course of life.

  • Paul Witus - 1 year ago


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