Should Pelosi and her delegation make a stop in Taiwan, or should they avoid it due to China's threats?


  • Cathy - 2 years ago

    Part of me wants her to go with a full plane of Dems because of what I read about China may do, the other part of me says for her to just stop ! She needs to retire and stop causing trouble for America !! Every time she goes to a foreign country something bad happens, when she and Obama went to Italy I questioned that I said there was going to be trouble, soon after Covid hit. I don’t trust her at all !!!! She’s up to no good !!!

  • Jim Raymond - 2 years ago

    I don’t trust the Dems for anything!! Stay away pelosi!!
    We got enough shit going on at home to invite anymore
    Stuff to our plates.
    If China wants to invade Taiwan they will. We can’t stop them, not now! Not with Dumb Ass in office.

  • L J - 2 years ago

    And not only should she go, but take the whole Congress along with our president and Vice President. Shame we don’t have a large enough airplane for all of them to travel on.

  • Ruthanne - 2 years ago

    Please let her go. It would be great if they shot her crazy ass out of the sky. Good way to get rid of her. Thank you CCP in advance.

  • Ronda Neeley - 2 years ago

    Cant say because some nut-nut would say some about me that is not true but I will say they can have that old Vodka Queen Nancy Pelosi and they must know that most of the people here don’t want her back they should have no worries about that

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