Are community self-defense forces ever justified?


  • robert d corkrum - 1 week ago

    Every family should be able to have a gun.NOT an automatic weapon as U.S. republicans feel,as too many guns in stupid hands cause too many deaths.Also the bullets should cost more and the profits should go to pay for (honest Cops) to enforce laws...

  • San Dollar - 2 weeks ago

    Yes everyone has to defend themselves if not you could die I guess for all you No replies that's what you want SCARRY

  • Art Villarreal - 2 weeks ago

    They should have guns in the U.S....There will be no crime because everyone is armed!!!Except the Democrats of course.

  • Gixellia - 2 weeks ago

    I voted yes, however, self-defense groups can also backfire, like currently in the US where christian fascists aspire a civil war.

  • Audie Jordan - 2 weeks ago

    When law enforcement cannot provide safety for families, the community needs to take action.

    Sadly the communities are likely to be outgunned.

  • Jose chapa - 2 weeks ago

    Someone has to fill the void and lack of concern by the authorities who might lose their kickbacks!

  • Jose chapa - 2 weeks ago

    When government officials are on the take and governors don’t do their jobs due to personal $$ pursuits someone has to fill in!

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