Who should be the next CEO of Yahoo?

  • Some Guy from NJ - 13 years ago

    Peter Chernin is leading? Is that because Fox has done so well with Myspace as the lynchpin of their digital strategy? Yahoo needs a visionary as someone here already implied. Truthfully, I don't know who he is, but I'd imagine that the right guy is currently "retired" after having gotten tired of the business. He's created and sold a few companies and is starting to miss action. It's likely he's been watching Yahoo and is armchair quarterbacking from his hideaway. He's smart, not necessarily well-liked, but definitely well respected and he knows how to innovate. Yahoo has the resources to do whatever they want. They need that guy to guide them. You smart people out in Silicon Valley know who that guy might be. Reach out to him and tell him to call Heidrick & Struggles. :)

  • RideauWorld - 13 years ago

    I voted for Whitman but after reading the links on Bob Bowman it got me thinking. Is Yahoo looking at staying the course or growth. If they want to stand pat then going with one of the Silicon Valley mainstays makes sense. If they are looking for a successful visionary to take the Yahoo to 2.0, then no one on this list has the credentials. Bowman might be the guy, cause he's obviously done it with the baseball site and has the background. I guess it just comes down to is this a position that gets filled to negotiate the Microsoft deal on MSFT's terms? Or does this position get filled to put Yahoo back on the top of Web Royalty? We'll see what the board is trying to do here very soon. Clearly Yahoo has lost it's way, strength and influence in the Webspace over the last 5 years. Makes zero sense to me, but the results are clear as day!

  • BaseballDog - 13 years ago

    Was intrigued when someone mentioned Bob Bowman, did a quick web search and found this:

    "This means he runs the most successful online business in professional sports"

    Definitely someone to put in the running

  • Internetfan - 13 years ago

    lots of interesting names on the list but how about one person who is currently running one of the most successful sites out there........Bob Bowman.

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