15 thousand bucks for a 1978 Mercury Grand Marquis?

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  • jack - 12 years ago

    Not all about horse power. there is a thing called gearing.The Marquis was very peepy,and was competition for the olds 98,Buick electra,and ended up out selling Cadilliac during the Continental-like design years.They also got 15mpg which is outstanding for the size,comfort and safety only a large car can give.I am 42,and have been researching and building cars since I was 15 years old. I own a performance garage here in Orlando,and can tell you this-for little work I can get that motor up to 400 horsepower in three days. You are clueless to the quality of that car.What car is sexy these days. you want sexy,you spend 50k and up.

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