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Are you concerned about dog attacks where you live?

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  • Geoffrey Rogg - 3 months ago

    If a dog is mean and aggressive it’s because it has been abused by mean and aggressive humans. The dog of whatever or no breed craves human company and friendship.

  • PatL - 3 months ago

    My husband was just walking down a sidewalk in La Manzanilla del Mar two years ago and was attacked by a pit bull. It was totally unprovoked. The visiting owners of the dog quickly left town after the bloody incident, and would not provide any evidence of the dog having been vaccinated for rabies. My husband had to get the rabies shots, which were approved by the government, and the wounds on his leg , which were very deep, took about 2 months to fully heal. Very scary and upsetting.

  • Karen Goodridge - 3 months ago

    I like what Ramon said about self defense against aggressive dogs. I actually rescued a mutt puppy that looked like she'd grow up to be about the size of a smaller lab. She was a little kooky as she grew but I chalked it up to the fact that she'd been hit in the head by a guy who wasn't happy that someone else dumped five puppies on the road in front of his house. He killed two, buried one alive, and two escaped under a fence. One of the survivors was adopted by an American family and I took the other one. When she was about three years old, I witnessed her chasing them tearing up a cat. Sadly, I had to take her to be put down. She was too messed up to be trained.

  • Italia - 3 months ago

    Pit bulls are not allowed in many cities because they can turn on owners. Many have been mixed to be more docile but still to see one on the street is frightening. Bur probably Chow dogs bite more just not kill persons .

  • Albert Rohatsch - 3 months ago

    If you could see the lousy job my local dentist has done with my teeth you would know way when a dog grows at me and I grow at them they run like hell!

  • Ramon - 3 months ago

    The dogs problems in DF and other big cities has became another issue in many neighborhoods or colonias in Mexico. Mostly by irresponsible owners who don't know the difference between a pit bull or doberman and a poodle.

    I was attacked by a pit bull and I screamed at him with obscenities and he put his head down and left. This reflected how he was raised. It is important to realize that they are ways to control dogs when you are all by yourself and been able to protect chlidren and older people.

    My recommendation would be to do a non profit ad campaign as PSA so everyone can pitch their own experiences in dealing with a mean dog so they can make a quick decision that may save their lives if they don't have a pepper spray or any other means of protecting vulnerable human beings.

    Otherwise we can learn by going to the Ajusco and practice in confronting lions and tigers that as pets are lost in the area thanks to -- again -- irresponsible owners.

  • Avery Eliscu - 3 months ago

    Something we all should be concerned with.

  • Sydney - 3 months ago

    I know of several dogs that have been attacked by off-leash dogs. Most have been un-neutered males.

  • Estaban Moreno - 3 months ago

    Only dog I fear is the two-legged cartel dog.

  • Ross Farrar - 3 months ago

    Love dogs , have dogs ,and have seen what uncontrolled dogs can do to people and property.

  • Ross Farrar - 3 months ago

    Love dogs , have dogs ,and have seen what uncontrolled dogs can do to people and property.

  • Carol Hammond - 3 months ago

    Put bulls are a menace to society...have experienced multiple attacks on my dogs by errant pitbulls.

  • Bjorn - 3 months ago

    A playful informative short video to be sent on TV educating people and young parents especially - that dogs are no toys. It's like another child. And while you might have many friends, your dog has only you. He depends on you to be decent

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