Should greater efforts be made to preserve languages and cultures in danger of extinction?


  • Estaban Moreno - 6 weeks ago

    Everything, from language to cultural traditions, are fast dying. Only a fool cannot see it.

    Mexico died when Pedro Infante and El Santo died.

    Young people have no use for older languages. They speak "Internet"...


  • David - 6 weeks ago

    I lived in Quebec for many years and learned French as I have learned Spanish since choosing Mexico as my country. Despite more and more legislation to protect the French language and Quebecois culture, in my opinion, it has only disadvantaged those who remain unilingual. I love Mexico and other Latin-American countries I have visited but by financially supporting small groups, you run the risk of marginalizing them. Yes, their culture and traditions should be encouraged but you can't legislate it.

    From what I am reading and hearing, China's growing financial investments in Latin America are a far more disturbing threat. Where the CIA left off, the CCP is moving in.

  • George - 6 weeks ago

    Don’t forget the dialects.

    During the 1930s Great Depression, F.D. Roosevelt commissioned a team to go across the country to make sound recording of English spoken with the regional dialect. This was of course, before the Interstate Highway System, TV, many areas didn’t have radio or electricity.

    One that really stood out was the mountainous Appalachia, that was essentially cut off from the rest of the country for generations. There, the team found and made recording of people still speaking English that closely matched the old Elizabethan era.

    I was born in Virginia in the late 1940s, but really grew up in Texas. Going back in the 1950s, I could barely understand what relatives were saying. It was English, but they all seemed to mumble it with an intense accent. ????????‍????

    And there was a distinctly different Texas accent, as well as New Jersey, New York and so on.

    Much of that has become a normalized mix now with the highway system, cheap air travel, job opportunities, etc.

  • Colleen - 6 weeks ago

    Absolutely. If language is lost it means the culture is lost and that is tragic.

  • Audie Jordan - 1 month ago

    Globalization is the worst thing that can happen to native languages & cultures.

    The primary aim of globalization is to make the world into two distinct classes, rulers & serfs. The rulers will have one common goal, control of the serfs. The serfs will have one goal, trying to please the rulers to stay alive.

    There will be no cultural traditions allowed.

  • Marga Bushara - 1 month ago

    If you loose your language, no matter which one, you‘ll loose your authentic voice…..

  • Chayo - 1 month ago

    Ojala y pudiera aprender algun dialecto de estas comunidades. Se oye tan rico al escucharlos hablar!!

  • Alegna - 1 month ago

    The Soul of Mexico should stay alive forever!!!
    No one should have the right to do anything against the Culture in any country especially in Mexico the Greatest Country in the World with a variety of ethnic languages. The schools have to teach those languages.
    No development of concrete buildings should be allowed to get the Maya land property of the Mayas here in Yucatán and Quintana Roo!
    Respect our Culture! Always.
    It's enough concrete on the Peninsula de Yucatán the friatic underwater soil is extremely Fragile! NO MORE CONCRET NO MORE CONCRET NO MORE CONCRETE!!


  • Judith Parket - 1 month ago

    Of course! It’s almost a stupid question!

  • Luisa Agnini Field - 1 month ago

    Yes! Native language is vital to keeping native culture alive.

  • Luisa - 1 month ago

    Yes, ALL languages need to be preserved! Speaking one's native language is keeping alive their culture in the deepest way.

  • Gixellia - 1 month ago

    Yes, more can always be done, especially through the means of globalization. However, as languages are alive and always changing, they also become part of past ages.

  • Margaret - 1 month ago

    It is sad to see the indigenous cultures around the world disappearing. I strongly support all efforts to correct their disappearance.

  • Suzanne Mowat - 1 month ago

    why not?

  • Denison Denny - 1 month ago

    Don’t loose our Mexican history and culture! The soul of México.

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