Grade the series finale of 'Animal Kingdom':


  • Naina - 6 months ago

    I absolutely loved animal kingdom. I cried when pope and Craig died. Craig shouldn’t have died like that by a kid. And no, pope should not have died either. I felt the pain of loss. I wish they had survived and there was another season.

  • Dneely - 11 months ago

    I felt a little ripped off at the ending. I loved this series and it did an excellent job at getting me emotionally invested. Derin was my favorite. And then Craig. The way it ended was dissapointing to me. As I sat there crying my eyes out while Craig dies in Derin's arms, I got pissed off! I wanted to see them happy and free. Craig with Ren and Nick, Derin with Adrian and Pope because Derin agreed to take Pope with him, and J? Yeah ok, J some where happy with Penny. Those boys were so fucked up and so fucked over by Smurf, I just wanted some closure with seeing them all safe, happy and out of the country. Question, don't forget that they all had lose diamonds in the end. Does anyone think Derin might have made it to Adrian by getting cash for those diamonds? And getting out of Dodge? Just a thought.

  • Joanie - 1 year ago

    Well done!
    When I stop crying I’m going to watch it again from the beginning.
    Shouldn’t have killed off Smurf so soon. Absolutely an awesome villain and she needed to be around for that crazy finale. I would have loved to see Smurf witnessing the destruction of her kingdom.
    Thanks for keeping me entertained and thank you for the great story and the perfect cast.
    You will all be missed.

  • Michael - 1 year ago

    I agree with David, I visioned J sitting there at the end and Deran shooting him in the head. J needed to die. Craig and Deran were too young to have helped their sister. They were little kids. He had no ax to grind with them. It was Smurf and Pope that betrayed his Mom. I didn’t mind Pope dying bc he was a tortured soul. I wanted Deran and Craig to live and J to die. J betrayed then and for no reason.

    The last scene after Deran shoots J in the head should have been Adrian, Deran Renn and Nick surfing.

  • David - 1 year ago

    I was hoping the last scene Darren came out of the restaurant and shot Jay in the head. Or he took a sip of that tropical drink and it was poisoned and Dylan stares at him through the window with sunglasses on and walks away.

    And then in the last 5 minutes it shows Darren on the beach with Adrian and Indonesia maybe 5 years down the road and then Nick comes out and they go into the water to surf together and Renn watches from the beach.

    That would have been a perfect ending

  • Jodie - 1 year ago

    The Animal Kingdom series from start to finish, was the best television, I have ever had the pleasure of watching…I wish it never had to end. I looked forward to each episode, all week, and it was sheer torture waiting for the next season to start! Cried my eyes out last episode, and have no idea what I’m going to look forward to in life now…. Best show ever, good job!!
    Loved it, probably will watch them all again. Thank you

  • Mo - 1 year ago

    I just finished watching it and it's bittersweet. I honestly don't know why Darren and Craig really thought that Jay was going to be there to help same with pope. Everybody's saying that they were just kids and Pope was more of an adult and I get that. But when Baz, who I really just could not stand, Darren and Craig grew up, they didn't help at all. They knew Julia's situation. Pope knew too which is why he let Jay go. He was in his head at the end sitting there remembering what all was going on and how you should have been there for her and he felt a need to do for her what he couldn't before. With Jay showing up and all of them just disrespected him like they did they all deserved, with the exception of Pope, what they deserved. J, smart, cool, calculating, and callus, did what he needed to do. It is a complete shame that Smurfs did all of them like that. To be honest I knew something was getting ready to go down that none of them were going to like when he started going to school. At that point I knew some shit was up. Although this was a series take on the movie I felt this was way better. Jay whispered in Smurfs ear that he was going to take everything from her and he did along with her life. I feel like maybe Smurf knew that it was going to happen anyways so why not just let someone smart enough to take over because we all know craig, darren, and Pope would not have been able to handle any of it. I am so glad that Pope let Jay go. He did what he was supposed to do and I'm glad that he is now free. My two favorite characters in the entire show. Another thing I absolutely loved was the ending for Craig and Darren. All those two ever did was fight. His final resting place was such a beautiful scene. I cried a little bit. The complete ending with Jay was amazing. I'm just sad that old girl could not just see past what was going on. He really loved her. Kudos and well done!

  • Tara - 1 year ago

    We all.rooted.for them since day 1. They were the show! However, it would have been extremely unrealistic had they all survived and loved happily ever after. Pope was the heart of the show for sure, but felt it fitting that his story ended in his safe place. His home. He destroyed it and all the evil that grew within it. He would have never had a happy ending. He was tormented through and through and knew it.
    I started binging AK last year, and knew within the first 30 min of the pilot that Jay would end up becoming the elader and take down the family. The signs were there and clear to see from the very start. Yes, Smurf was to blame, but Jay was a kid..he sat back, watched and learned about them all the whole series. The brother's did the same to him that Smurf did to the brother's. Jay's only way to survive them was to outsmart then. I feel his ending was fitting. Sad? Absolutely! But fitting. His ending is not a happy one. He is shown sitting alone, cold to the bone, with everything he worked for but nothing to show for it. He was a shell.No enjoyment, just emptiness. Nobody won. Deran lost his everything losing Craig. Craig and Ren were toxic for each other, inspite of how much they loved one another. Craig wouldn't have staid sober with Ren. The two together as demonstrated this last season foreshadowed the zero possibility for a healthy relationship. I hated to see Craig go. However, I don't believe Craig would have survived long regardless. Ren and Craig together would have ended up in jail, dead, or destroying their kid with their own shenanigans. Sometimes love just ain't enough.
    Pope needed to come to terms with his demon's. As he was trying to do the whole show..but his foundation overcame.any achievement. His ending was very fitting. Sad, as he was my fav, but fitting all the same.
    What I didn't like Bout the finale, is the unanswered final scene for Deran. Pope and his demise was fitting. Craig died but for the first time was at peace and held some accountability for his fate. Jay's final scene said everything. His revenge left him with everything but completely empty, and cold with nothing to for. Deran didn't get that finality. We were left with absolutely nothing to even imagine for Deran. That is my only realistic complaint on the finale. Again, we were all rooting for the boys since day 1..but it ended properly..even though we wished they all.lived happily ever after. I'm very surprised so many ppl are hating on Jay tbh. His arc came and knew in the pilot that he would overcome the Cody family. And justifiably so. They turned him into what he became. Sure, yes, because of Smurf, but the more he learned the more justifiable it became. He became a stone cold sociopath by the end.of it all. Who wouldn't?
    They could have given Deran a final.scene boarding a plane to Indonesia, and that would have been perfect. But they didn't.
    Great show, great acting, amazing cast, sets, tone, directing etc. Sad to see it end. I wouldn't want to see another season of revenge towards Jay. That would be overkill. Ren was.goin to haul ass with Nick anyway. Deran has wanted out from S1..and needs to move on as peacefully as he can. Had Craig not died that day, he would have eventually or jail for good. But N epilogue episode would have been

  • Chris - 1 year ago

    J is getting all the hate but Smurf gave him the vengeance and the control of the family finances to bring everyone down. He was on a mission for Julia and succeeded - he was as loyal to Julia as Pope, Deran and Craig were to Smurf. Would have liked to see how Deran ended up but with Pope gone, no reason for another season.

  • Kelli Hartman - 1 year ago

    A very disappointing ending to such a great show. Kind of just ruined the show for me. It is TV. Our release for our minds, souls and emotions to the cruel and hate consumed reality we are living with these days. I was so hoping this would end with a final scene of Pope; Craig, Renn & baby; and Deran & Adrian all gathered together on their private beach in Belize. And the last scene being J in the bottom of that pool tied to that chair. That would have been very satisfying.

  • Cathleen - 1 year ago

    Wow, J. Really did it. He got his uncle’s back, for something that they had nothing to do with. Pope is a destroyed human thanks to Smurf. They watched their mother do some wicked stuff. Meaning Julia and Pope. Craig and Derran were pawns. How Smurf treated Julia was unforgivable. Horrible. J., took it out on the wrong family members.. well, it’s over and J. Sitting alone was perfect. He’s never going to recover from having family killed off. He left Nick without a father and stole any money for him., really bad KARMA. Julia was a tragedy that never should have happened.

  • Leslie Gleason - 1 year ago

    Definitely upset that after the huge character arc they gave Pope with all the redemption he had started to do with building the skate park, helping the kids at the skate park, trying to have a girlfriend again, etc. And all the trouble they went through to get him out that ha had to die that way. J should have been the one to die after all he'd done to the Cody's. I mean let's face it, it was Smurf that ultimately killed Julia, not the boys. And Andrew was so afraid of her all the time because of the weird hold she had over him. The only one I thought could have done more for her was Baz. I didn't understand that they told us that he was J's dad but in the flashback Julia said she didn't know who the father was and Baz acted like he didn't give a shit about her at all. And then at the end with Deran and Craig we knew Craig had taken the diamonds with him to give to Renn and he tried to tell Deran when he was dying about it and I think they should have shown Deran get the diamonds from Craig after he died to take to Renn & Nick.
    And I think it should have ended with Deran going to the house and finding Pope dead and going after J to avenge his family. I think a new spin-off show is in order for that storyline! And I think they could have made the flashbacks with Smurf go further into the timeline so it ended with the boys being older and how they started getting into the big jobs for Smurf. They just left a huge gap in the storyline.

  • Frances L. Ford - 1 year ago

    Need More Show ❗ Need A Justified Ending Darren & Renn Need To Get Even With J. For Craig, Pope, & Baby Nick ❗. & Instead Of Viewer's Reading About Darren & Adrian It Could Be Put In That Episode To A Complete ???? Proper Finale Thankyou. Get Writing People Hanging By A Half A Noose ❗❗❗

  • Shawna - 1 year ago

    They could do another season of Darren going after J!!!

  • Shawna - 1 year ago

    They could do another season of Darren going after J!!!

  • Shawna - 1 year ago

    They could do another season of Darren going after J!!!

  • Shawna - 1 year ago

    They could do another season of Darren going after J!!!

  • Shawna - 1 year ago

    They could do another season of Darren going after J!!!

  • Shawna - 1 year ago

    We should have gotten to see Derren's ending story! So Disappointed!!!

  • Michell Porter - 1 year ago

    Hated the ending! My favorite show and it ends with so many unanswered questions!!! We need D to find J and take him out....

  • JoMarie Brennan - 1 year ago

    I didnt expect a fairy tale. But it was a wild ride, and left me a little disturbed. I rather would have seen them ride off to different lands. I understand how Jay felt and why. Idk it was a twisted show from beginning. Yet I couldnt help but watch those crazy Boys every week. I will miss them!

  • Golden - 1 year ago

    I loved this show! I didn’t like the ending! J shouldn’t have gotten away with it, the Cody boys should have gotten away and a chance to have a second chance at life! Smurf made them the way they were! Pope suffered his whole life Iindrr Smurfs control… he deserved a 2nd chance!

  • Michele - 1 year ago

    I thought the ending was fantastic. It's amazing that people want a fairy tale ending for a family of criminals. Smurf was going to die whether J shot her or not so I don't really get all the comments about Pope avenging her death. And I completely understood where J's hatred for Pope came from when it was revealed exactly how Smurf turned her daughter into a homeless junkie and Pope just watched it happen. Julia looked after him his whole life & he followed the evil Smurf who in turn ruined his life. I was very surprised that J killed Penny but that just showed how ruthless he was. They were all ruthless but J was the smartest.

  • D.C. - 1 year ago

    The brothers should have lived. They lived a tormented life because of Smurf. Jay blamed the brothers for something that was not their fault. The C and D were very very young when Julia their sister was alive. Pope clearly had a mental health issue. How does Smurf get to win in the end. The one that was responsible was Smurf, Baz AND Julia.

  • C - 1 year ago

    Sad ending. I get Pope dying that had to happened. But Jay should not have gotten away with everything. I think Jay killed more people on the show than anyone except Smurf. You see Jay in the end free. Maybe unhappy but alive and rich. Should have seen Deran get away not left unanswered

  • Fufu Caraballo - 1 year ago

    So disappointed with this final episode. Yes I’m reality we knew evil never wins but tell that to the evil politics that are still winning. But anyway, upset that Pope had to die this way, more upset that he didn’t kill J for doing the family dirty. Ok J wanted revenge for his mom but he killed Smurf which it should of been the end. But Andrew, you couldn’t blame him for all he did. I’m upset with the writer for making me cry, but I cried harder when Craig died, like WHYYYYYY??? Now we only have Daren to revenge the family, all 3 brothers should had survived and then come get J for setting them up, then they all could of died one by one. This wasn’t suppose to end this way, the writer has a zero for killing 2 brothers off in on finally. The write should of left the scripted open for a new season and then killed them off one by one. J should had died with his uncles, Ren get the diamonds and the end. No the write made me cry when I saw Craig died also. If yah don’t come back with an other episode and Jay dies, I would never watch a show with this writer again.

  • Gino - 1 year ago

    It was a great ending that fit the series to a Tee. They were all bad guys, they all lost in the end. Jay did get away with the money, however, I got the feeling he finally realized what he had become and will live a miserable life alone because of it. I didn't love the last scene. The scene with Pope dying next to the pool would have been a more fitting final scene. I would have liked a happier or more spectacular ending but this is what it should have been. I loved this show and the characters were amazing. That said they were all scumbags, the very worst kind of people there is. They all got what they deserved in the end.

  • Kathy - 1 year ago

    So disappointed in the series finale. I loved this show and the characters and hated the ending! Not satisfying at all! The writers should have come up with a better ending. J needs justice for his mother but he killed Smurf and it all came back to her. The ending should have shown the humanity within each of them not the brutality. They were victims of Smurf. So bummed.

  • Richard - 1 year ago

    Truly sad about Craig. I thought the ending was proper for now. J doesn’t know Daren made it. Could set up a great two hour movie. The brothers had it coming for the way they treated Julia. Smurf had it coming too. J just wanted to be loved. Don’t we all. I hope he finds peace. I hope Darren finds comfort. Pope… rest in peace.

  • Jody - 1 year ago

    Binge watched the whole series until the last month, watched it in real time. I kept hoping J would have a change of heart, go rescue his uncles and they could all go meet up with Ren and Nick. Didn't work out quite like that. The Deran and Craig scene had me sobbing. Couldn't help but root for Pope. He was a tortured soul. Hate that he went out like that.

  • Lanse Jackson - 1 year ago

    When there are more questions after an ending...makes this ending that much greater.I blame covid for this not going on longer. Excellent story line, bringing J on to be the biggest killer was definitely not seen by me. He was in pain everyday looking at his uncles, but to take the female out was a B- - - h move. Have so much more to say but the thought of this show being concluded bothers me.

  • Ken - 1 year ago

    Great show. I believe there is more to come…J s day of judgement is coming with great anticipation.

  • Martha Brideau - 1 year ago

    I liked that pope did the right thing,and let his nephew go. He was trying to make upu for being a crappy twin and that Deran promised Craig to take care of Renn and Nick and maybe look for Adrian. I don’t know why they didn’t like him. He is a their dead sisters kid and your sisters dead but be mean to me. Even dear old daddy Baz is mean to you. It’s being pulled into a cult. Smurf rules all. I think J had a right to be angry at Poe and Baz. Deran and Craig we like the extras in the family. I am so happy with the way they didn’t make a big deal when Deran came out. Why did they not go see her and help out. Fuck Smurf. What a rotten mothe she was. J will be happy that he got revenge on his family for causing his mother a life of drugs, drinks and that her own mother through her out.

  • Amanda - 1 year ago

    I only said “just okay” bc not knowing what happened to Darren just makes it feel incomplete, almost a rushed ending. Otherwise it was great. I get why Pope had to die, was super bummed about Craig dying, and even thought it was fitting to have Jay get away. However, the best ending would’ve been to have Darren come post up next to Jay and surprise him. Maybe as he’s talking to him he tells him how he poisoned his drink and while Jay’s dying Darren transfers all the money back to himself. Then right afterward have Wren and the baby come kick it by the pool. Boom.
    Absolutely loved the show tho, everything about it from the cast to the storylines. If you ran another poll for the show as a whole I would’ve given it the highest rating!

  • Larry - 1 year ago

    We should have a movie to close and have revenge on J ! Left to open and the writers let themselves down right at the end ! ...we should see Deren's revenge and Craig's family as the only ones that benefit from all the madness ..

  • John - 1 year ago

    The Pope and J portion of the ending worked. That tied that up nice and pope’s last act is the right thing. I always thought Pope would kill J for killing Smurf. Pope was the only one I wanted to live but I get why he couldn’t. Craig dying was sad but while he was dying from being shot to death - he never called the mother of his child. I found that odd. I would have liked to seen J drinking his drink and a clean cut suit wearing Darren - looking completely different walk up to him and shoot him in the head. But J, as much as I didn’t like him, I understand his motivation for his actions. So maybe he should have been the only one who survived. Enjoyed the ending.

  • Wayne - 1 year ago

    People !!! They were ALL criminals!! The only one to make a legit iving owned a bar. every penny they had was blood money. Let's not fall in love with the character. I thought that if they all died in a hail of gunfire like Bonny and Clyde, that would be a great ending. As a DID bother me that J winds up with all he wanted, including revenge. Of all the characters, HE is the one who needed to eat a bullet the most. He had no redeeming qualities at all.,

  • P t m - 1 year ago

    Jay better die end of season 7. Darren should be the one to pull the trigger.

  • P t m - 1 year ago

    No one should have died, except jay's girlfriend.. maybe jay aswell. Definitely not pope tho he was legendary.

  • Wendi - 1 year ago

    What an absolute shit show of an ending!!! No effort went into this, it was just a piss poor effort to end the series and left more questions than answers.

  • Sandra Lee - 1 year ago

    After 6 long years of watching this great show to have it end like this was ludicrous. No proper ending for Deran and J sitting like a "scarface" advertisement, just horrible. Writers did a BS job on the finale. Sorry I wasted my time on this!

  • MIA - 1 year ago

    After 6 years of looking forward with great anticipation for each new season, I can't help but mourn! Animal Kingdom was the highlite of my I am afraid to feel the empty void next Sunday night, and future Sundays.
    "Gotta be a big black hole "
    Guess I will have to rewatch the entire series to get my AK fix for now...
    Unless TNT decides to make a special flashback Cody Family Movie, featuring Deran's quest to locate J and fulfill his promise to care for Nick as his own????
    Just a wishful suggestion. Anyone else agree?

  • MIA - 1 year ago

    FUBAR is a military acronym for: F***** Up Beyond Any Recognition.... KUDOS to the Animal Kingdom script writers because this final episode Blew My Mind!
    Thanx for allowing Pope to finally find his spiritual redemption after betraying the blood bond shared with twin sister Julia.
    Allowing J to survive was the ultimate act of forgiveness!
    Such an emotionally intense scene watching Craig pass away peacefully in his loving brothers arms., Lookin like a prince laying an that cliff bank overlooking the ocean., true poetic justice.
    J 's vengeful heart of stone soften only slightly after he poisoned Penny, but his tears were self- indulgent. It seemed that Josh was crying for his own imposed predicament... Exemplified in the end, once again, J finds himself all alone, unloved and detached from any family...
    psychologically unsatisfied.

  • Caitlin B Roze - 1 year ago

    CORRECTIONS (spelling and correct grammar): I may have been the only one rooting for J. He was playing the long game to exact revenge on Smurf and the others. The end made sense since J shot Smurf in a previous episode. I would have preferred if they all lived but had to start over to accumulate any money for the life they because used to. Additionally, it would have been nice to see Pope’s life head somewhere positive, Deran reconnect with Adrian and Craig live to spend time with Renn and help raise Nick.

  • CaitlinBRoze - 1 year ago

    CORRECTIONS (spelling and correct grammar): I may have been the only one rooting for J. He was playing the long game to exact revenge on Smurf and the others. The end made sense since J shot Smurf in the previous episode. I would have preferred if they all lived but had to start over to accumulate any money for the life they because used to. Additionally, it would have been nice to see Pope’s life head somewhere positive, Deran reconnect with Adrian and Craig live to spend time with Renn and help raise Nick.

  • Caitlin - 1 year ago

    I may have been the only one rooting for J. He was payed the long game to exact revenge on Smurf and the others. The end made sensed nice J shot Smurf in the end. I would have preferred if they all lived but had to start over to accumulate any money for the life they because used to.

  • Sharon Makela - 1 year ago

    I hate that Pope and Craig died and Jay gets away with the money?? What happened to Deran ????? Ending not good. Left us hanging.

  • Shannon - 1 year ago

    I can’t believe it ended without Darren walking up next to J at the end and killing him!! It’s super sad that Pope and Craig had to die, but we all knew someone had to go, just didn’t expect two of the best characters to die and J gets to live happily ever after??? Come on!!!! And Darren just walks off into La La Land???

  • Tj - 1 year ago

    I get the ending, if anyone watched the movie, all that died should of, except for Smurf lived in the movie and J embraced her.

  • Gigi - 1 year ago

    After watching Animal Kingdom for 6 seasons this is the shabby ending they leave us with? Jay, the most unlikeable character I have seen in any series gets away with it all. He should have been hung upside down and tortured endlessly until the devil left the world. Yes, devil...and he was from the opening scene when his mother died and he sat beside her watching a game emotions from him whatsoever, not a single tear.

  • John Sands - 1 year ago

    I did think that J should have died but understand why Pope saved him. Was sad to see Craig die especially from some little kid shooting him. What happened to Deran? Did he just drive away into a new life or what? Overall it was a good ending for the show.

  • Medow Karls - 1 year ago

    I feel Pope should have killed Jay, but I guess this was his way of letting Julia know he was sorry for what Smurf and he had done to her when she was pregnant with Jay.
    But then again his brothers Craig and Deran had to pay for Popes issues at the hands of Jay.
    Anyway, I loved the series as a whole, I’m sad now that it is over.
    I looked forward to Sunday nights!????

  • Lexi - 1 year ago

    Absolutely loved it. I feel like I’m the only one who didn’t want J to die. I didn’t want any of them to die, but of course knew at least 1 would. I just have no words to describe what I’m feeling I’m so sad it’s over. Awesome show. Wish I could watch it over for the 1st time again.

  • LM - 1 year ago

    I didn't like Craig and Pope dying. J should have died. The two that did his mom wrong were already dead. What happened to Deran?

  • Sandra Melton - 1 year ago

    J should have died. Very disappointed in the ending. Yeah the 3 did a lot of bad things. BUT, J. double crossed them, stole all the money turned them in and Got them killed. Where's their justice. J should have died to.

  • Sheila - 1 year ago

    The mIn one to die should have been J. He was just like Smurf. What happens to Derran?? Poor Pope, felt sorry for him. Wanted Craig to start over with Ren and son. Very disappointed with finale.

  • C - 1 year ago

    Awful!! You don't show what happens to Deran??? And Jay should have died!!!!!

  • CJ - 1 year ago

    Jay should’ve stopped on road, thinking of how the family took him in, when his mother Julia died; and turned around to go back and get Craig, Pope and Daren. They all should have made it to another island/country and lost the account info where Jay had all the money. They would then end up alive and in a new place, but with no $$, they would have to start a life of crime again, to survive, in the new place. Just starting over again, from the same place they began originally. Also could mean a No. 2 A. Kingdom.

  • Ilene Weiss - 1 year ago

    I have watched this show since day one. I know you shouldn’t root for the bad guy but I always did. What jay did to his uncles was horrible. I would have rather he died than pope. I loved his character. Just disappointed. I wish it could have gone on for a long time

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