Grade Season 6 of 'Animal Kingdom':


  • Tina - 1 year ago

    I am disappointed we did not get to see what happened to Darin. Would have loved to see him get revenge on J, get Ren and Nick set us and then reunite with Adrian.

  • Mo - 2 years ago

    I just finished watching it and it's bittersweet. I honestly don't know why Darren and Craig really thought that Jay was going to be there to help same with pope. Everybody's saying that they were just kids and Pope was more of an adult and I get that. But when Baz, who I really just could not stand, Darren and Craig grew up, they didn't help at all. They knew Julia's situation. Pope knew too which is why he let Jay go. He was in his head at the end sitting there remembering what all was going on and how you should have been there for her and he felt a need to do for her what he couldn't before. With Jay showing up and all of them just disrespected him like they did they all deserved, with the exception of Pope, what they deserved. J, smart, cool, calculating, and callus, did what he needed to do. It is a complete shame that Smurfs did all of them like that. To be honest I knew something was getting ready to go down that none of them were going to like when he started going to school. At that point I knew some shit was up. Although this was a series take on the movie I felt this was way better. Jay whispered in Smurfs ear that he was going to take everything from her and he did along with her life. I feel like maybe Smurf knew that it was going to happen anyways so why not just let someone smart enough to take over because we all know craig, darren, and Pope would not have been able to handle any of it. I am so glad that Pope let Jay go. He did what he was supposed to do and I'm glad that he is now free. My two favorite characters in the entire show.

  • Julio - 2 years ago

    Disappointed that they didn’t show what happened to Darin. Even if it showed him walking on a beach in Indonesia or even a shot of two guys surfing and let the audience decide if he was with Adrian

  • NineInchNut - 2 years ago

    Smurf was simply a sociopath(narcissist, total PD,anti-social). Most ppl learn their psychological life, mind, personality, and physical tics-habits mirroring their parents as the Cody boys did. That’s why psychopathy is inter-generational and mostly never ending, unbroken.

  • Edgar Lombard - 2 years ago

    They all should have perished,

  • Daisy - 2 years ago

    The Cody brothers lived on the edge everyday. That is the way they liked it. It was fitting that they died living on the edge. Unfortunately, J was on a mission of revenge. He lived with resentment which was difficult to get over. He got his revenge. Just remember he back like them removing obstacles even if meant killing (even if loved them). It’ll be interesting to see if in 5 years Deran and J meet.

  • Robert Hiatt - 2 years ago

    Animal Kingdom was a very good show even after Ellen Barkin left and I will miss it.But,it had it's run and life goes on.I didn't see a happy ending for the Cody's and they really didn't deserve one.They were bad people who did bad things.

  • Olivia Preston Australia - 2 years ago

    Here is the link to the Australian crime family that Animal Kingdom - the original Australian movie, long before the series was even a thought! All the characters in the Australian movie and the US drama series have the same names and basic back stories as far as I can recall and they also kind of have the same look in terms of how Smurf & her sons and J all look. But I think Pope actually kills that GF that J has in the beginning. I think he injects her with heroin from memory? Whereas in the series she is the daughter of a Military Officer & I think she got away didn’t she? I just can’t believe how heartless J was to his uncles given he saw how Smurf manipulated them. It just wasn’t a satisfying ending, for me anyway.

    Here’s the link to some info about the Aussie family (I would suggest watching the documentary on YouTube about them- I’ll see if I can find it and post it here too & definitely watching the movie:

    & The Pettingal Doco on YouTube:

  • Olivia Preston Australia - 2 years ago

    I am so mixed about this. This ending. Actually the entire season 6. I agree it felt rushed. I am from Australia where the original movie of Animal Kingdom was written and produced Witt Aussie actors… which is where Netflix got their story line at the start, the characters, the basis/premise for the entire back story etc… I’m not sure how known this is but Animal Kingdom is actually also based on a real life Aussie family in Australia. It’s not their proper life story but the characters and some of the stuff that occurred was based on this really awful crime family. I think they lived in Melbourne. I’ll try to find a link to some info on it. If it lets me post it here. Anyway, while I really enjoyed watching the original Aussie AK, there was never really any closure in the story line, I think J just killed Pope in the end in the mothers/grandmothers house and the family were kind of relieved. I think Popes’ mum looked quite relieved when J did it. That’s what I can recall (I haven’t watched it for years.) The series delved into the characters back stories and it revealed revenge for J. Which I’m sure many people wanted and although I’m a Craig & Deran fan and was devastated to see their plans torn apart and I actually nearly cried when Pope told his brothers to leave him and yet again he took one for the family by opening fire while they got away, even though they have all done some vile things especially to Cath, I realised that they had no chance from before they were even born. Smurf judges Julia on being a drug addict and pregnant yet look what she did to her kids. At least Julia made J go to school (remember she was very academic before Smurf systematically tore her college dreams apart by outright lying ti her regarding being expelled when she actually wasn’t at all! What kind of mother or even human does that?! If my 19 year old had wanted to finish year 11 & 12 instead of quitting at year 10 when she graduated high school I would have paid any amount of money to send her ANYWHERE! But nope… she refused and is studying beauty and due to have her first baby in October a month after she turns 20. I know that life will be harder for her without her year 12. I’ve lived it! I would be so excited for my child to be academic! Smurf is pure evil.) NONE of her kids had even a tiny chance. But I really thought for a minute that maybe Craig & Deran would get out and get to be with Adrian & Renn n Nick… I think given how they were raised and programmed those two deserved that. It also scares me to imagine how Nick will go being raised by Renn, alone, she is too fragile and shaky in terms of her recovery. I could hardly watch that episode where Nick got kidnapped and then she and Craig went on that disgusting bender and basically totally neglected Nick. ANYTHING could have happened to that baby boy. I really
    hope that Deran does find them. I hope they get to find some peace & happiness & they live as non-criminals after selling the diamonds… I almost felt sorry for J UNTIL he killed Penny. He doesn’t seem to see anyone else’s pain but his own. J is 100% a narcissist with PTSD from his mothers addiction, neglect & death. But think about how it started in season 1- J just sat next to his mother dead body. He was so cold and detached. I actually wonder if he killed his mother OR he didn’t even try to save her? Or maybe he had nothing to do with it but sat there before calling Smurf planning out his revenge. He didn’t know how it would play out but he maybe knew he would get revenge? I really would have liked to see Julia bring J over as a baby & how Smurf treated J as a baby, whether she accepts him etc… that is a big part of what’s missing & I too, felt this season was so rushed. I was actually disappointed that this was how it ended. We didn’t even get to see how Renn takes the news. We should have seen Deran find her. The last shot in the series is exactly how it started. J all alone. But, I can’t have sympathy after he killed Penn

  • Ttajbel - 2 years ago

    I feel season 6 was a little rushed due to it being the last season and wanting to tie up the Cody’s story. Not quite enough info on what Julia and J went through. Like what trials and tribulations happened that he was so angry and set on retribution against his family?!. Also exactly why did Craig and Daren not except J? They were so young when Julia was just thrown away by their SheDevil mother it should have been a happy time to receive their sister’s son it should have been .. we have a part of Julia let’s take him under our wings protect guide and love him. I understand why Pope didn’t welcome him he simply had enormous guilt over not helping Julia ever! Not even when he was older and able plus let’s face it SheDevil ( mommy dearest) really screwed him up royally along with his untreated mental illness oh and please not forget watching his mother kill some one right in front of them!! Jay’s father was never truly revealed just multiple questions as to who’s the father. Ultimately I believe Smurf loved money and control not her children. Smurfs children were just a tool to get what she wanted! This SheDevil left everything to the women who basically told her have boys they will be loyal and you can program them to commit your crimes!!! No wonder they ended up devastated!! Smurf never taught them how to live or to be responsible or how to think for themselves she only programmed them to obey follow and self medicate. This is why Jay was able to take everything except the $10.00 he left them and diamonds he decided to give them and that’s only because they were to hot for him to liquidate!! I just wish we saw a little more of Pope’s decent into madness and Jays intent and obsession with revenge. It would have been nice to see Julia and Angela’s relationship and where Pope came into play with the two of them it was obvious there was history between the three of them but what was the history? The show did a great job with diving deeper into Craig and Darens mental struggles and trying to mature as well as coming to the realization that Smurf did not give a rats ass about them. Pope burning down the house was awesome I did not see that coming!!! Jay ending up alone and emotionally devoid was deadly accurate!! Having accomplished what he set out to do after loosing his mother and murdering the woman he unexpectedly fell for so she couldn’t tell the authorities anything left him appropriately Broken and in a form of solitary confinement. I believe in my heart J viewed her as a crucial part of his plan sleeping with her was so he could manipulate her into doing what he needed done so he could gain control of the trust without his uncle’s knowing and also have that all important alibi!! He was hoping she would not have a problem with lying for him but he was totally prepared and pretty much knew she would have a problem with it. There was a look of sadness he gave her when she was walking into the house after arriving as he was grabbing her luggage out of the trunk. He knew then he was going to kill her but he was hoping that he was wrong because he had come to truly love her. Jay is smart and he researched and studied her before approaching her. Her sister being a drug a drug addict was just icing on the cake for Jay when it came to leading her to where he wanted her to go. Darens ending was also appropriate Craig was his everything so yes he will find his way to brothers son and fiancé and do the right thing by them. Hey will find away the liquidate the diamonds and I believe he will live a law abiding life once out of the country. First and foremost his has to stay low he is now on the lamb Daren was always the one trying to break away from Smurf from the beginning of the show he’s always walked his own path he even tried to go legitimate when he purchased the bar. Ultimately he and Renn will be fine he won’t go after Jay either mostly because he’s out. All Daren wanted was to get his share of the money and quit the game!!!!

  • Kris - 2 years ago

    Pope had to die. Ok. I hated it but I get it. Craig, same thing but J walking away with millions? He basically accomplished his plan of revenge for what they did to his mom AND got rich doing it. BUT, what about Darin? What happened? Did he go back to Billy and tell him that he was right all along about not trusting J? Did the 2 of them hatch their own plan of revenge? Did he go find Adrian? Did he go to Renn and Nick and be dad? Did he even get away? I hated to see the guys die but they were criminals and that's one of the places crime leads so I accept it but not knowing what happened to Darin is surely a sore spot. Spinoff, anyone?

  • Jenny B - 2 years ago

    I absolutely loved Animal Kingdom. However, I don’t think Pope should have died and Jay walked away with millions! And I think it was wrong to kill off Craig and end the story with a baby without a father. Craig didn’t even get to say, “Good Bye” to his son. I feel there should be a sequel story where Pope’s written in as passed out from blood loss. This show should have never been canceled!! There is always a way to add to an adventure…

  • Cl - 2 years ago

    The next episode two years later is Darin killing Jay. Jay is the worst thinking he was smarter than any one else. Pope was the best character. Awesome all through the series. My best ending is the three brothers killing jay. Maybe an addition coming in a few years where Kay gets his. I don't think it will end here.

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