Should Mexico pursue a superconductor industry?


  • Peter - 2 weeks ago

    Not only technology, but anything that benefits the country's economic growth and provides good jobs for Mexican Nationals is a good idea. One issue that could hamper it may be the lack of a skilled workforce to participate. Before we moved to Mexico over the years we traveled to the country many times. I remember in 1985 mentioning to a fellow scuba diver that Mexico was North America's "Sleeping Giant" possessing natural resources and a diverse climate and terrain. Now, some 36 years later, she is still sleeping. Sort of akin to Rip Van Winkle. Sad. Was it a regular menu of political corruption? Was it the indifference toward cartel expansion? Was it a lack of resources expended on education? I ask only because I do not know. What I do know is Mexico is a country rich in natural resources that can help fill a worldwide need, something just doesn't feel right. It appears that the current President does not appear to be fond of foreign partnerships on Mexican soil, however, perhaps opportunities that benefit Mexico first should be further explored. There are US auto plants here and a wonderful opportunity to build a semiconductor sector to offset Taiwan's dominance. and China's expansion. Several US-based companies heavily rely on Taiwan for their chips while Mexico is just a stone's throw away and would become a much more reliable option if they are a partner.

    To satisfy all the hullabaloo about climate change, on paper building the world's 8th largest solar farm in the Sonoran Desert looks like a good idea, however, based on life's in-your-face reality, building the infrastructure to maximize its benefit is another story. Absorbing the energy is one thing. Distributing it is quite another. The Mayan Train, the new International Airport, and the new oil refinery, all appear to be examples of good ideas that are proving to be a little more daunting in execution than advertised.

    I realize that I have no right to criticize a place where I am but a guest, however, a "small dose" of Gringo aggression mixed in with the Latino culture "may" not be a bad thing.

    Of course, from A-Z, I could be wrong. After all, is it simply an opinion.

  • Su - 2 weeks ago

    Not if it depends on a loan from the IMF

  • J S Friedman - 2 weeks ago

    Maybe the question was worded improperly but with technology and raw materials maybe Superconductor research and products should be pursued to enhance electrical distribution in science, technology, manufacturing and power grids.

  • John Wood - 2 weeks ago

    I like the idea of expansive modern technology being produced in Mexico. Economically and socially it is a winner for Mexico.

  • Frances k, Morfin - 2 weeks ago

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  • Michael Francis - 2 weeks ago

    No. It is highly competitive and competitors are highly subsidized by home governments. It would take decades and billions of dollars to even produce a single internationally acceptable product. Mexico should target manufacturing of the products required by the transition to a reduced carbon world. It should build reliable supply chains in everything from batteries to solar power instrumentation to mineral refinement. It should compete directly with China in supplying these products to its North American partners.

  • Jerome Petruk - 3 weeks ago

    You're getting yourself confused, Mr. Poll Taker!
    SUPER Conductors and SEMI Conductors are two very different things.
    Your headline question is wrong!
    The subject is Semiconductors.

  • Patricia - 3 weeks ago

    I think this is a wonderful opportunity to have a semi conductor industry in Mexican states with folks who have expertise in these areas.

  • carlos barcena pous - 3 weeks ago

    mexico needs high end and high pay jobs. We have the basics for the semiconductor business. Focus should be in the mexican states with the best educational related semiconductor industry programs. Not only in the border states.

  • Graciela Ferrada - 3 weeks ago

    Def a win win. This would open up national employment for locals, and deter Migration to US.

  • Gregorio - 3 weeks ago


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