Grade 'Quantum Leap's season premiere:


  • 69 Road Runner - 2 years ago

    I literally fell asleep during the pilot episode Monday night! But I watched the parts I missed Wednesday morning on Peacock, and the show seemed okay to me though not the greatest thing ever.

  • Debby - 2 years ago

    I've been anxiously waiting for the premiere and it didn't disappoint. When I saw Ernie Hudson I hoped he would be Dean Stockwell's successor as the AI hologram. It was in my opinion well done. The effects are orders of magnitude more sophisticated than I had expected. NBC has another hit on their roster. Looking forward to another long running version of this show.

  • Steven Ashby - 2 years ago

    Awesome start to the series. Can't wait to see where we leap.

  • Mjs - 2 years ago

    It was the worst! If I wanted to watch an episode of CSI, I would have done so. Everything moved way too fast. There's nothing funny about it at all. There was no theme song at the beginning or at the end. I guess that's just 2022 for you now.
    I honestly predicted weeks ago that he would say "oh sh##" instead of "oh boy" because that's just the way our society is now. I predict that other episodes will probably have him sleeping with every girl in town and showing nudity, cursing and other obscene things because that's just the way television has become.
    If they're going to have him leap into famous events all the time then I'll stop watching. The thing I liked about the originals is that he leaped into ordinary people a lot of the time..... The Hope diamond heist, then leaping as an astronaut into the space shuttle...... Give me a break! Is he going to Leap into the most famous events since 1985. Why not put him on top of the trade center in 2001 next??!!...
    A complete failure! Also, what's up with the 5 consecutive minutes worth of commercials at 40 minutes into the show....
    The storyline was way too broken in the first episode. People who never watched the original were completely lost. Dialogue was way too fast. It was like they were trying to squeeze 2 hours worth of plot line into 45 minutes. After the bomb went off down in the sewer lines, then what? The other guy's just off the hook. No explanation as to what happened really. Who wrote this garbage? We'll give it one more chance next week but I doubt seriously I'll watch anything after that. Well, I will, I'll just watch the originals all over again..... At least they were clean, and explained what was going on without having to rush through the dialogue for 45 minutes.
    100% and complete disappointed! Cancel it before it's too late!

  • Shawn - 2 years ago

    I liked the pilot for the new show...I have been waiting anxiously to watch this reboot ever since I heard about it...The original Quantum Leap was one of my all time favorite shows, and I actually was more angry than sad when it was cancelled...I hope and trust that the new show is in the hands of people who will honor the original's legacy...The twist with Al's daughter at the end was exciting and I am interested in finding out how they tie the two shows together...Looking forward to many new leaps!!

  • Cheryl - 2 years ago

    Loved it! I loved the original and am so happy it’s back!

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