Who Should We Be Blaming It On?

  • George - 11 years ago

    Fault? Easy, human beings and their Maker. Though I am confident that packs of dogs would be about as moral towards one another.

  • dreamslaughter - 12 years ago


  • dreamslaughter - 12 years ago

    You are missing the point. Go to the listed URL and you will see what's going on. The name of the blog is "Oh for Christ's sake, quit blaming everything on the Jews." It addresses this specifically.

  • Sammy - 12 years ago

    It is definately the zionists. They are not real jews. Google Ralphe Bunche and find a UN document which is a timelime of events for Bunche when he is taking over as High Commissioner of Palestine. It all becomes clear.

  • jEFF tURNER - 12 years ago

    Why is zionists not an option. Add it to poll or it is not going to be credible. Zionists should not go inti the category of other. Or are you afraid of the results you may get?

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