Which is better?


  • Chris - 13 years ago

    Although I feel it better that a government fears its people, the truth is that neither option is a particularly good one. The ideal government should exist solely to carry out the will of the people who live in its jurisdiction. In such a situation, I reckon the politicians would fear the electorate, but only in the same way an employee should fear termination if he is performing poorly.

  • Sarah - 14 years ago

    I cannot express how important it is that a government fears its people!!! It is when we start fearing the government and letting them know that we DEPEND on them just to LIVE is when we give the government power over not only how much we make, or where we live or what we do but if we even live or not!! I don't know how we get people to understand that. The government is now bringing in yet ANOTHER tax because they couldn't live off what we gave them last year and they won't be able to live off what we give them THIS year. They're taxing the air now?! What is going on with this country?! Unfortunately they're sugar coating what it sounds/looks like so that it will pass easier. Kind of like Obama's new health care choice plan. How can we believe that we can expect this to be as good as medicare when it's been written in recent articles that medicare is suffering and is, in fact, in one of its worst positions ever. They cannot afford to take care of everyone who relies on them, much like government. Yet, we hand over our lives and trust to a government who wishes to see us crushed in order to receive just a few more dollars for their deficit. Can you feel the grip of the left wing closing in around our throats?

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