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In the past year, has a provider given you a blank paper or electronic form that asks for information they should already have on file? (Poll Closed)

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  • JAngel - 2 years ago

    I write "info is in Epic" across the paper forms and hand them back.

  • Ivan Boyd - 2 years ago

    I have been in the healthcare HIT industry for decades. I have used a “premier physician practice” and a top rated internist for more than a decade. They are part of a market leading IDN that uses EPIC. Why they continue to hand me a clip board to answer they same information on paper every time I come to their waiting room irritates me. The fact that I have to log into the portal each and every month to beg them to approve my meds renewal, drive me crazy. I have discussed it with my PCP, the PA, and the office manager. Either I find a different physician or put up with it. After decades of this, I guess I am just a sheep following the other sheep.

  • Old School DBA - 2 years ago

    Every visit, still have to enter data in paper or electronic ipad/tablet. PCP, Specialist for me or my spouse or kids. I understand annual updates, but if I just saw them 2 weeks ago, its highly unlikely that my address, phone, etc have changed. In this day/age we should be well past this.

  • LAW - 2 years ago

    It happens almost every visit I have with my providers. I register for my appt confirming information or updating information via my patient portal and they still hand me a clip board when I get to the office

  • Conscientious1 - 2 years ago

    I dutifully entered all my info into the patient portal FOR THAT VISIT. They then handed me a sheath of papers when I arrived, and an assistant re-entered the material into the EHR making several significant errors in the process. (How do you change family history of hypertension to hepatitis?) Fortunately I read my notes through the portal after the fact and got that and multiple other errors for the visit changed. I don’t blame the practice—I feel their pain—but the current health care delivery system is mess and needs to change. Honestly the IT industry (with poor designs), the associated regulatory mandates that have been facilitated by EHRs (e.g.MACRA), and the administrative hassles (e.g. pre-auths) and payment policies of insurers are ruining us.

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