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Will you continue using Twitter now that Elon Musk owns it? (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 3,840

  • Patrick - 2 months ago

    To the guy claiming he woke up to a Tweet from Trump, Trump's account is still suspended. So..... (Presses X to doubt)

  • Kenny - 2 months ago

    I plan on using it more now that Elon owns it! The lunatic left have spread their lies and misinformation unchecked for far too long! I mean come on Biden just said gas was $5.00 when he took office!!! Really??? It was average $2.38 then first thing he did was close down a major oil line and stopped domestic oil production causing gas and pretty much everything else to shoot up! The whole time they controlled Twitter they censored the truth and any opinion that's not aligned with their own. The left has the nerve to say we're extremist but their the ones attacking people and burning whole cities while rioting. You ask them a simple question and they scream at you! So yeah I'm so glad Elon owns it. Fascistbook should be next!!!

  • Christopher - 2 months ago

    I'd use Twitter if I was allowed on it.
    I got banned for speaking facts like:
    Men can't get pregnant.
    There are only 2 genders.
    A Woman is an adult human female.
    I don't care what your pronouns are.
    America isn't a systemically racist country.
    All lives matter.
    Abortion is murder.

  • Ted - 2 months ago

    Gee... this article was nothing more than a shill story to pass along CNET's leftist leanings, and give advice on how to remove it. Talk about bias!

  • Zxylady00 - 2 months ago

    I woke up yesterday to 3 Faux "news" tweets and a tweet from Donald douche bag trump in my phones notification tray. I was pissed to say the least because I actively avoid responding to the right wing nutters... and I have NEVER followed either of these 2 Twitter accounts. So I Uninstalled Twitter on the spot. If I hadn't been forced to read these tweets because the company had changed hands, I wouldn't care but since they forced this crap on me, I won't be using twitter anymore.

  • Marc - 2 months ago

    Yep, found it to be a great waste of time. Never use it. Took it off my phone completely, too much false claims. Innuendos and bunch of nonsense.
    About some things do have merit nothing that really interested me personally or my family

  • Lloyd - 2 months ago

    Having differing viewpoints is fine, but when you consider the amount of racism has increased over 500% since Elon took over, not to mention the sheer amount of hate speech, pro-Nazi talk and conspiracy theories that have multiplied without moderation... Well, you can see where Twitter is heading. might as well call it Truth Social now, because that's what it's going to become. Sponsors are already pulling the plug. Twitter will be dead within the year, just like Truth Social is.

    Hello Bluesky.

  • John (another one) - 2 months ago

    Actually, I never used it before. Whole thing is a waste of time.

  • tnmurdock - 2 months ago

    I actually just signed back up... miss the poop show? NOT on your life...

  • Joell - 2 months ago

    opinions different from one's own should stimulate thought and possibly be the vehicle for examination of one's own beliefs . I certainly don't want to build a worldview that cannot stand up to the best argument or critique that is placed in opposition to it. a freedom of ideas platform ought to have a wide audience.

  • Johnn - 2 months ago

    Why not? If you knew what 90 percent of the owners of the other companies that you all use do every day you would all be living off the land.

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