OSW Christmas episode?


  • Sheilasteala - 1 year ago

    Armageddon 2006. Fit Finlay in the main event and JBL on commentary. How the hell was that not even an option?

  • Stephen Willis - 1 year ago

    I see my little brah voted the same as me! Invasion Xmas. Took me half a second to mark out when seeing Ric! I think Nitro 97, Hogan's head in a box will win though.

  • NS - 1 year ago

    PG era for the bollocks lads cmon

  • Michael Devlin - 1 year ago

    If DIE HARD is an option, well then you just got yourself a customer, my friend.

    Cant wait to be entertained, lads.

    Thank you.


  • Sean - 1 year ago

    @timbailey I think you’ve completely misunderstood the poll there mate. I don’t imagine anyone wants to watch that for Xmas, or ever in general.

  • The viper higgens - 1 year ago

    Head in a box

  • spicolldriver - 1 year ago

    also voted for the Invasion.

    admittedly soley because iirc it has the most goofy segments out of all the choices (well, those I have seen).

  • Tim Bailey - 1 year ago

    I've gone for the "Over the edge P-P-V. It's not morbid fascination, what I'm interested in is, how the tragic events of the night effected the wrestlers, commentary team & audience. I've never seen the pay per view & it would be interesting to see it for the first time whilst being under the OSW microscope. The tone of the watch along would be completely different to any other PPV events OSW has covered & it would be interesting to hear the boys talk in more serious tone about the wrestling business. If not the Xmas episode maybe something to look at in the future. Of Course the event should have been stopped as soon as the accident happened. I'm sure this would come across apparent. Joan Laurier (Chiyna) says it best."When someone falls to their death, is probably time to stop the show"

  • Oliver Willis - 1 year ago

    I invalidated my voting power with a joke other option, so for what it’s worth I’d say that’d realistically choose the InVasion. So much bollocks to talk about and that clip of Naitch saying Merry Christmas will stick with me until the day I die. Awesome.

    Merry Christmas in advance to all the boys, brahs and HOST OF THE YEAR Golden Nogger winners.

  • Rob - 1 year ago

    My personal pick is Austin '97 (I really want the lads to pay another visit to the Attitude Era!), but I think Hogan's Head in a Box will win because WCW bollocks is always over! Whichever choice wins, though, it's bound to be a real Christmas cracker as always.

  • Matthew Andrews - 1 year ago

    Voted for the Invasion Christmas parties as it was an era when Vince felt truly untouchable and went all in on the bollocks because of this. Obviously would be happy with any of those choices. Been a fan for many years and every episode you release have really helped me get through some tough times so thanks guys and looking forward to it!

  • Skullwolfsteam - 1 year ago

    austin 97 hands down i actualy sat down and watched this months ago...it was a banger I wanna see the boys review this so damn bad!

  • Christmas Creature - 1 year ago

    Hoping for some lovely AWA action. Greg Gagne for HOF2023!

  • Joey - 1 year ago

    I'm just glad osw is doing this because they are my favorite part of the holiday I watch all there episodes weather I want to or not lol thanks guys

  • Thomas B - 1 year ago

    Wantin' some corny!

  • Matt - 1 year ago

    Bret Bulldog. This was when I was still watching WWF so would love to see how much I remember

  • Punished gondola - 1 year ago

    When i heard Bret vs Greg the Gas Tank i felt a slight twitch in me pants
    So Prime Time Wrestling '89 it is

  • Virgil - 1 year ago

    Father Ted Christmas

  • Steven Griffiths - 1 year ago

    If it turns out to be Head in a box, I sure hope you reference the SNL dick in a box video.

    By the way Mupprts Christmas Carol's Michael Caine babyface turn is still one for the ages. I only thought about it after voting.

  • Paddypat - 1 year ago

    I want it to be smokey mountain Christmas chaos but it will be Hogan's head in a box.... Cause as we all know anyone who comes out of a box is automatically over....severed heads included.

  • Make OSW Great Again - 1 year ago

    Hogans head in a box

  • Wayney - 1 year ago

    Head in a box.
    The invasion should be its own arc.

  • Mike C - 1 year ago

    Voted head in a box, prediction head in a box. So many questions, is sting a master of practical effects? Did he have to buy a hogan bandana from the merch stand? How many strands of show pony mane does it take to recreate the Hogan hair?

  • Michael Diaz - 1 year ago

    Been a fan for years. Lookin forward to whatever you guys review

  • Adam - 1 year ago

    I voted for ECW Massacre on 34th Street 2000, because I’m a huge fan of ECW, and I’d think you guys would like the PPV. In my opinion, I think Austin ‘97 will win.

  • Nick - 1 year ago

    Voted for a write in candidate: Santa’s Slay. Bill Goldberg as evil Santa going round killing strippers. Amazing movie. 10 on 10.

  • Simon - 1 year ago

    Voted for the box but will be happy with anything. Can’t thank you lads enough for those Christmas episodes, it has become a tradition for me! It’s a really nice way to brighten up a holiday that can be sad for some folks. Cheers!

  • Pete - 1 year ago

    "The box, THE BOX!!"

  • Jack McMorrow - 1 year ago


    Or Austin stuns Santa

  • Al - 1 year ago

    Voted for Austin '97 because "it's been a while" and any excuse to get the lads into this year lol.
    I think Del Rio running over Santa will win but I wish it wouldn't haha like how does running over one of the most beloved characters in the world still not make the top 5 scummy things you've done, what a tramp lol

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