Will HLTH, ViVE, and the CHIME Fall Forum have a major negative effect on the HIMSS conference?


  • Jack Davis - 4 days ago

    While I don't disagree with the negative impact this will have on HIMSS, I think it's important to make a few distinctions between HIMSS, HLTH and CHIME.

    HLTH (and ViVE) are both run be an exhibit company who is in the healthcare space for a single reason....profit! CHIME Fall Forum has little to do with HIMSS and never has over it's 30 years history. CHIME latched on to HLTH for cash flow, pure and simple. The CHIME Spring CIO Forum is still run by CHIME but if you want to attend, a Forum attendee STILL needs to pay the $1800-$2500 admission fee to HLTH to get into ViVE.

    Lastly, we've all read about how HLTH had some 10K attendees, with mimosas in the registration line, a hair salon and barber shop, non-stop popcorn, beverages, etc., who is paying for this? It's NOT all health care vendors!

    Not only do we not know (since HLTH won't share attendee lists) the make up of the cadre of attendees (can you say primarily VC and PE firms looking a small startups?), but where in the hell are provider executives scraping up the cash to pay a $2000 admission fee, airfare, hotel, food, etc. in Vegas when their health systems are hemorrhaging dollars at a record rate and labor costs continue to rise for providers.

    While HIMSS's model is dying quickly, much like HFMA and other associations....lets keep in mind, for the most part, their mission is not to crank out swank events in Vegas while charging every attendees a sizable fee to attend. I'm going to take a wild guess that the ONLY way CHIME pulled of a rodeo was with dollars from ViVE/HLTH...just sayin....

  • Dr Showoff - 6 days ago

    God, they better!

    HIMSS has been outdated, entitled and bloated for years. As your friend, it's time to have work done..... while we're in the nest, let me throw some shade about the 2019 conference/hotel fee fiasco I never got over....

    Also, HIMSS makes really, really poor business decisions.. Who sells their soul to Vegas and Orlando with no regard for attendees? For "a multi-year deal". Tell me again how those are the only two cities that can accommodate the the HIMSS crowd.....Hey! - the good news is your crowds are getting smaller so maybe y'all will find your creative motivation.

    Cheers to HLTH! And I can't wait for CHIME next year - they had a goddamned rodeo in San Antonio. With REAL cowboys.....

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