How useful do you find the US State Department's travel advisory information?


  • larry - yesterday

    The states of America should give out alerts from there own backyard

  • George - 2 days ago

    I think it’s very useful as a first “heads-up” from National sources on hurricanes, severe weather, increases in cartel activity and where, typically with pictures, that kind of stuff. But I do look for other sources to verify if it directly affects me or friends.

  • Fred Ryan - 3 days ago

    Congratulations on your purchase of Mexico Daily -- and I appreciate your emphasis on daily news and positive comment. Formerly, way too much notice on violence and crime!

  • Fact Checker - 3 days ago

    Darn glad to see Brad Boner back! This is a Man's world!!

    Let's keep our Boner!!!

  • Audie - 4 days ago

    I worked by myself with plants in Mexico for 20 years & never once checked a travel advisory, never thought about.

    My job was to install equipment we built & train the workers in the plants. We brought workers & engineers to the US to train on the equipment here but that was not the same environment. It had to work in their "real" world. I had a commitment to be there so a travel advisory would have made no difference to me.

  • Carol SepoL - 4 days ago

    I drive up to the states every year and I check with the people at the toll booths re roads ahead.

  • Carol SepoL - 4 days ago

    I drive up to the states every year and I check with the people at the toll booths re roads ahead.

  • Brad Boner - 5 days ago

    Yeah, I'm back in town after a few months in my North Texas hometown. Have I missed much. Like, have we had a poll on something half-interesting. I stopped at my usual bordello in Nuevo Laredo and, hey, it was the first time ever that I felt danger. Getting naked with a well-hipped doll while fearing for your life is not natural. You want to believe that love will explode if only for five minutes or so.

    There was no alert when I drove into the walled compound and waved at the Mexican in army uniform at the gate. he asked me if I carried a gun and I said only the 9-inch revolver in my pants. He smiled through his crooked, yellowing teeth and said; "Nine inches, senor?" The danger I felt at that moment was palpable, as I did not know if the lanky, high-throated dude was Gay or not. I did think about alerting the US State Department to the bordello threat, but I didn't. It was hard to care about the US as i strolled into the Pappagallo Club. Sho'nuff. Boner out...

  • Estaban Moreno - 5 days ago

    As my ever-sentient Mexican pals say about these things: "Es puro pinche pedo!" And claro, that's true. The US is much more dangerous these days. You can get shot taking a shit at a roadside park. It happened to a friend of mine in Arizona, but the news media did not chase the story because the guy was taking a dump...

  • Noble Dunson - 5 days ago

    The travel alerts come about when US police units trying to interfere with the cartels come under attack. They have next to nothing to do with American tourists or ex-pats traveling around Mexico. They are useless. Stay away from drugs and people who report on them or try to interfere with them, and you are safer here than in the US. There has never been an attack in a Walmart in Mexico but you sure better watch yourself in one in the States.

  • S.R - 5 days ago

    I agree the alerts are exaggerated to discourage Americans from visiting Mexico. The US has hundreds of deaths from mass shootings of children and ordinary citizens and thousands of injured people every year. And the USA highlight the activists of criminals to scare people. As though its safe to walk the streets everywhere in the US. Not!

  • Marion Beile - 6 days ago

    I find them a little exaggerated at times..I think they are trying to keep their money in the US and don’t want people spending it in Mexico

  • Alex - 6 days ago

    I do read the alerts, and use it causally when traveling.
    It would be carelessness to totally disregard the alerts.

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