Who SHOULD win Season 22 of 'The Voice'?


  • Debbie - 11 months ago

    Really, any could win this year, they are all very talented. I think Brayden and Brice have long careers ahead though.

  • Joann - 11 months ago

    No, not another country western singer. Omar has talent. Uses the stage. Has expression
    Please not another boring country western singer with no emotion, just stands there. Wearing the hat makes no difference.no more country western singer
    Bodie and Omar are the top 2. Now that a lot of the others were voted off

  • Lisa Gillenwater - 11 months ago

    I believe Bryce Leatherwood will win and he should win. He is amazing his voice omg is unbelievable Good Luck Bryce look out Top 5 here he comes.

  • Greg - 11 months ago

    I hope Morgan wins. Her stage presence is phenomenal . Bodie is neck and neck with her. I was a huge Bryce fan until last week. I saw an arrogance that turned me off. As for all the other talent it's been one terrific season. Last place in my eyes is Omar. He's another person who's conceit is unbearable. Parajita is great. But she has to go above the bar in the next show. I really hope she can .

  • Patti Ritchie - 1 year ago

    I I happen to agree with everyone else Blake Shelton is The Voice and without him it's just another sing-along show and Bodie is a superstar he's probably the best guy I've seen on any of the shows and being 73 years old I think I'm pretty smart

  • Des - 1 year ago

    If they let Blake leaves I am not watching it no more

  • SANDRA MARTIN - 1 year ago

    I think Bryce Underwood will be a old-time country music star like Alan Jackson if he stays country Blake could take him on tour with him and help him get started and I agree with everybody else I do not like Camilla I didn't like Kelly Clarkson she was so loud and talked all the time and Camilla came on and took her place and I hate to see like go to

  • Martha - 1 year ago

    I think that Bruce leatherwood is the best singer with broaden lap next i dont care for camilla cabella shes a show off n very conceited

  • Gina - 1 year ago

    I second Helen. Blake is simply the best; humble, talented and super sincere. I love the show because of him. Blake, please stay. Can’t stand Camilla, so fake.

  • Jane Myers - 1 year ago

    I really believe Justin Aaron should win, because his Christian songs are fantastic,& is romantic/pop songs at excellent! Thus, I believe he can sing any genre beautifully!

  • Helen Mullen - 1 year ago

    I hate that Blake gets picked on all the time once he leaves I will too it's not going to be the same with out Blake. Can't stand Camille at all she makes me Sick

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