Do you support the BC Government decision to increase funding for the RCMP?


  • JC - 3 days ago

    The main issue , in Victoria and Vancouver is that the Police , Fire . Ambulance people are over run with Drug overdose , violence , maybe the new premier will finally erect proper institutions to help these poor soles , flop houses , left to fend for themselves is not the answer, let’s make an effort to help , before it’s too late , stop the insanity!!!!

  • CF86 - 3 days ago

    Who am I going to call? Definitely not the police it's a false hope giving them more money seems the money would be better spent on dealing with mental health and drug addiction and housing the last thing we need on our streets is more police on a power trip with guns on their sides like they are cowboys with authoritarian issues

  • Lisa Willock - 3 days ago

    G.C. Smith,,, who YOU going to call?

  • G.C. Smith - 4 days ago

    R.oyally C.orrupt M.embers of P.ublic

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