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As a patient, would you be OK with your provider billing you personally for the time they spend answering clinical questions by portal or email? (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 287

  • Cosmos - 1 month ago

    I voted no because I already pay for insurance and they should cover this service. At the same time, physicians can always respond by recommending I book an appointment if it would take them more than a minute to respond over email/portal, and that’s fine with me.

  • Barbara - 1 month ago

    I shouldn't be billed personally, however, if the time is unrelated to a recent visit (test follow-up, I've already paid for that) and I am trying to get "free" services then it should be billed through the insurance company for reimbursement as an office visit. It's the same steps one would have to take while the patient is sitting in front of the provider in a physical office. Providers should have the ability to give direction i.e. make an appointment or go to the ER etc without a fee, but their time is valuable.

  • Ralphie - 1 month ago

    Is the provider receiving payments or incentives for Population Health or employer plans? If so, then definitely no if I'm in that population. Also, I do receive "free advice" from other professions when I'm asking them if I need further services. "My car is doing this - do I need to bring it in?" "Here's my situation - do I need your legal help?" etc.

  • Harry the Healthcare Consumer - 1 month ago

    Depends on the price, and the level of service. Can I ask real questions, and get a real answer specific to my situation and needs?

  • Scott - 1 month ago

    Leaning towards No, between my paid health insurance premiums and employers insurance premiums I've already paid for their time. We don't need direct financials disincentives to getting care. Arguments about lawyers, accountants, plumbers etc. don't make sense to me unless you prepay/hire those people on retainer.

  • CH - 1 month ago

    There are CPT codes, with RVU values, for this work. This ship has already sailed. Try getting free advice from your lawyer, plumber, mechanic, architect, etc.

  • Mario - 1 month ago

    Yes, if you want free advice then go to WebMD. If you want your clinician to take the time to provide answers to questions then they should be reimbursed for their time and responsibility.

  • JC - 1 month ago

    No. My primary doc is owned by Wellstar. They get enough money from me/my insurance company and half the time an asst answers the questions. Not an easy question to answer.

  • Bob - 1 month ago

    Not a simple yes no answer. using Bobtopia as an example, many of the clinicians are owned/salaried.
    If that's true, then Carl in performance metrics is right, in that these communications are eating into our employees' 13 hour day profit. and then we look bad with our benchmarks. and then CMS will be breathing down our necks, no more and then
    better ideas?
    carve-outs for pediatrics
    Waaayyy better front-end triage
    If you're going to pay for portal interactions, then you will need a much better, more holistic portal experience.

  • JT - 1 month ago

    This survey question raises more questions for me. Are patients asking clinical questions because they need answers now yet can't get an appointment for weeks/months? Are they asking questions via the portal because for some reason don't want available appointments? Something is broken here. ?????

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