Have you received the Android Auto Coolwalk redesign yet?


  • Brendan Dennis - 3 months ago

    I've gotten it through the beta program on my Pixel 7 Pro. I've had success getting it to work on a new Lincoln Nautilus, but not on a 2019 Volkswagen Atlas, nor a 2017 Audi A6 (non-touchscreen). It being enabled seems to at least be dependent on whether 1) you have a touchscreen display, and 2) the DPI of that display. The VW, which is touch, as a smaller, dense display that doesn't allow for much spacing.

    When I used it, I liked it. Hope that it can come to non-touchscreens soon!

  • Jos - 3 months ago

    I have the Coolwalk beta, for the most part I like it but it's not real useful on the Subaru 11.6 tiny AA screen, have to keep it in full screen mode at this point till Subaru gives us full screen.

    I have 2 problems/issues with Coolwalk or AA in general that have never resolved.

    The "Share Journey" feature still does work correctly, Only email addresses show up no phone numbers. ibwas hoping they would finally have it fixed. I have to share trip on maps on the handset and start navigation and then plug into AA for it to work very cumbersome.

    The other issue is when on a call all navigation voice prompts stop and I miss my turns. I have submitted feedback to them about this but don't expect them to fix it since these are not new problems and have not been addressed to this point. The voice prompts are a safety feature so you would think they would fix that. They used to work intermittently in the past but not at all now.

  • Astath - 3 months ago

    Have enrolled to beta but despite all attempts new UI is not available on a VW MIB2 unit of a MY18 TRoc. Same mobile when connected to an aftermarket unit displays the new UI without issues.

  • Gonzalo - 3 months ago

    The only thing I miss is the temperature and weather icon nest to the clock. It's gone. Also Waze does not work on split screen mode...

  • RS3 - 3 months ago

    It definitely makes a difference on the vehicle hardware. I have two Audi's, one MY20 and one MY22, the former has older infotainment tech and doesn't display the updated UI despite running off the same phone. Coolwalk has been working on the newer car for several weeks. To be honest I'm indifferent to the redesign. For me, it doesn't add much at all. Prefer map full screen. Vehicle steering wheel controls to work music. Update doesn't help with Spotifys utterly horrendous AA interface.

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