Which navigation app do you prefer?


  • 20eyes - 9 months ago

    I use organic maps from f-droid.

  • Enda - 9 months ago

    I use Here We Go mostly. However the public transport layers were removed some time ago and that's a major negative until they return.

  • Chris Laarman - 9 months ago

    Using a bicycle in the Netherlands rules in Google Maps and rules out Apple Maps. Don't know about other ones. - Well, I did use TomTom when it was in versions 5 and 6, and it was surprisingly bad for a Dutch product. (It treated bicycles as cars with limitations.)

    In at least NL, BE, DE and UK, many dedicated cycling roads exist, including former railroads. (So I'm not talking cycling lanes here.) On the other hand, bicycles aren't allowed on motorways. In Belgium, I have noticed a traffic sign that would be ubiquitious in the Netherlands, meaning "dead end, except for bicycles".
    So you really need a separate cycling layer in a navigation app in these parts. Period.

    Besides, there are cycling networks based on nodes with matching sign posts. You could plan your route in a dedicated app, then follow the signs for e.g. nodes 10-71-23-41. Great for recreational touring in the woods, but not conceived as "from A to B" navigation. I do occasionally use the maps at the nodes, but I haven't used the apps for years.

  • Nathan - 9 months ago

    I use Petal maps.

  • James Lyons - 9 months ago

    I use AMIGO. by TomTomfor on line navigation it's Android auto compatable 100% FREE. Maps clear and are easier to read than Google maps with no annoying zoom in and out. For off line I have always used CoPilot for many many years. Just wish Copilot was Android Auto compatable the maps, directions and features are far superior to the others.

  • Sharon - 9 months ago

    Tesla app. It charts out the entire trip routing us through Supercharger to Supercharger, plans how long to get to the next one, how long we will need to charge, how many charging spots are available when we are on the way, when we will arrive at the next one (dynamically updating), helps us find food or lodging along the way. The only thing it doesn't do is give us real time traffic alerts like Waze does. Sometimes we may put Waze on the phone to hear about accidents and road closures due to weather and such. If Tesla could integrate that into it's app, we would consider it pretty much a perfect app at that point.

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