Should DML sue over being falsely listed on Hamilton 68 list?


  • Connie Wolfinger - 4 months ago

    You should sue.You, of all people are a true American who does not deserve to be treated like this.
    They say anything they want, & get away with it.
    It’s time, actually past time, for ALL of us to verbally fight back.
    If you need any money, just say so.
    I know your followers , if they can even spare $10, will help you out.
    Take care Dennis & family, we need you.

  • Arizona Kalde - 4 months ago

    Sue! For libel & slander. You have a strong redress to grievance against the govt. A bill in Congress should also be made in your name - this Democrats commie bastards won't stop unless you take their purse from them. DNCC, Podesta, Clinton, Obama...hit them where it hurts in their pocketbook.

  • Monika - 4 months ago

    Sue that Hamilton 68 group for sure and bill crystal and all the individual members of the (H.68 )group. Elon Will probably be a witness For the prosecution of. (H68) . Dennis would not sue the hand that helped to uncover the deep state commies.

  • Charles Renaudo - 4 months ago

    Yes ! Maybe some type of class action suit or they would just run you out of money like they are trying to to Donald Trump !

  • Tony - 4 months ago

    I would sue but only if it’s Jack Dorsey and the previous evil owners. Suing Elon will only make him look bad, keep destroying him while he’s fighting for our Freedom Of Speech.

  • Tony - 4 months ago

    I would sue but only if it’s Darcy and the previous owners. Suing Elon will only keep destroying him while he’s fighting for our Freedom Of Speech.

  • Kathy Satchell - 4 months ago

    You do have a right to sue, but at this time I feel you will be wasting your money. You do know we have a corrupt judicial system and it will not change until President Trump gets into office.

  • Shawn - 4 months ago

    Dennis you should 100% go after them and everyone else that has tried to silence your freedom of speech and expression! Also the freedom of the press is also at stake here! Because they don’t like your opinion does not give them the right to silence your voice! You need to do this for everyone in this country!! God Speed DML!!

  • Carrie Sweeney - 4 months ago

    Yes I do. This is WAY too big to give the free pass Mr. Lynch talked about. It affected his rights to be treated fairly and use Twitter fairly like others. It was pure intentional discrimination to stop someone based on biased politics. Yes he should and maybe along with a class action lawsuit!!!

  • Patsy Margolfo - 4 months ago

    I’m indecisive for I know it’s wrong what they did by is the fight going to produce a resolution that will help or would it be just be a satisfaction. The cost of the fight may or may not be worth the time or emotionally stressed. But at the same time we need to fight these false allegations. I really wish everyone would start living by the golden rule of doing onto other’s as one would want done to them.

  • Nicole Guevara - 4 months ago

    Not sure if you'd be able to. I believe that you'd have to prove that you lost money due to what they said. Consult a lawyer before pressing it or you may just loose a lot of money paying for the lawsuit.

  • Alicia Anerson - 4 months ago

    Yes absolutely even if it is just to get the perpetrators to state under oath their complicity to the movement to silent the conservative voice.

  • Deena Stuart - 4 months ago


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