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Who Should Replace Alan Colmes on Hannity & Colmes? (Poll Closed)


  • richard - 15 years ago

    It would be more interesting if Sean could have different guests at different time based on the topic. He's the show not the guest!!! Sean Hannity Show drop the full time opponent variety is the staff of a great show.

  • richard - 15 years ago

    It would be more interesting if Sean could have different guests at different time based on the topic. He's the show not the guest!!! Sean Hannity Show drop the full time opponent variety is the staff of a great show.

  • Jeannie Baugh - 15 years ago

    Hi your show. I am a fan of Ted Nugent and would really enjoy hearing more from him. Love his down home conservetive views which are shocking to many people now because they have never heard the truth stated to bluntly. In days past this thinking was the norm and things worked so much better for our country. People had respect for the word "NO". Please consider Ted for your partner...he really does rock. Glad Alan is gone....what a total doof. Never made a lick of sense.

  • Travis - 15 years ago

    I'd have to say Al Franken, he's the most entertaining out of all of them. But in a perfect world, I'd have to pick Keith Olbermann.

  • John Cahill - 15 years ago

    Harold Ford or Hannity by himself with guests. We do need the fair and balanced, but without the shrieking.

  • Gerry - 15 years ago

    Rachel Maddow? hmmm only if someone could tell me if Rachel is a man or a woman. hahahhahhahahhahah

  • Tea - 15 years ago

    Absolutely Hannity Solo!!!! I was also glad Alan was leaving. I am sure he is a nice person. But when it comes to logic and rational thinking, no liberal, and I mean not one, has it! When they start talking you just want to mute the TV. But, as we all know, we would miss some of what Hannity is saying! So we endure the idiotic babble and try to glean from what Hannity so eloquent puts forth!! Hannity Solo!! You can have liberal guest to satisfy the irrational, idiotic few who listen.

  • David - 15 years ago


  • jim - 15 years ago

    does not matter,nobodys going to have their point of view expressed fairly as long as this muckraking nationalist controlls the agenda and diologe.

  • jim bruthers - 15 years ago

    does not matter,nobodys going to have their point of view expressed fairly as long as this muckraking nationalist controlls the agenda and diologe.

  • Educated Voter - 15 years ago

    Oh yeah, I love the idea of Bill Clinton. Can you imagine how entertaining that would be? And how nervous all the libs would be? Nobody would ever know what he was going to say. It would be so awesome. All the Obots would be squirming. hahaha

  • brian - 15 years ago

    Well let's embaress the Dem's more. Bring on the king of shooting everyone in the foot. Bill Clinton. The damage control alone will keep the Obama administration tied up for years.

  • Larry - 15 years ago

    How bout Colin Powell?

  • Phil Churton - 15 years ago

    Rachel Maddow would be perfect

  • Sandi Sybert - 15 years ago

    I would really love to see just Sean by himself. I'd rather enjoy seeing different liberals on his show as guests........hopefully not having near the amount of time on air as dominated by Alan!!

    I don't know what the plans are or critera is for the show, but if it doesn't have to be a debate-type forum, then I say, "Go for it, Sean!!" Go solo!
    (or at least have another conservative co-host, like Elizabeth Hesselbeck!!)
    It would be quite enjoyable to watch just an enlightening, truthful, 60-min. conservative show.

  • rick fauteux - 15 years ago

    tom hartman

  • James Hoehn - 15 years ago

    Colmes should go. I would watch more of Hannity and Colmes but because of his presence I don't watch the show. Quite frankly I can't stand Colmes. He adds nothing to the arguments, and usually clouds them, like liberals do, making the viewer very upset. The best thing would be to pair Glen Beck and Hannity together. That combo would be dynamite. Why be fair and balanced? People don't want fair and balanced, they want the truth, not watered down liberal crap. Hannity and Beck. It has a ring!

  • Bruce Colby - 15 years ago

    RUSH LIMBAUGH. That would drive liberals crazy.

  • Jerry Martin Sheen - 15 years ago

    I don't anyone better to do a solo than Sean.

    All you need is a different liberal guest every nite.

    You are a great American Sean.

    Jerry Martin Sheen - The reall Martin Sheen

  • nancy - 15 years ago

    I think Hannity should either go solo and just have liberal guests on the show or, chose someone like Elizabeth Hasselbeck. After being "vomited" on by the liberals on other news stations, listening to Hannity's conservative views are breaths of fresh air!
    I'm glad that Colmes is leaving. I thought he was rude with guests that objected his liberal views by interrupting them and never letting them finish their point. I became so annoyed that I started to mute him and just sit and wait for Sean Hannity to talk.

  • Kareem - 15 years ago

    I am a liberal and I must say that Alan was not the right person for this type of format. While I do not like Sean he is very good at defening conservative ideals. I think Fox should keep the format but find a strong Liberal that can match the wits of Sean. That would attact the largest group.

    My best pick....Juan Williams or Geraldo Rivera

  • Nami - 15 years ago

    Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson
    Al's Hair-doo will be an attention getter

  • Ryan Massironi - 15 years ago

    Hey Mr. Hannity, go ahead and put on Al Franken. You shouldn't have any problem "tearing him up":) P.S. You're a great American!

  • Tom - 15 years ago

    How about Helen Thomas?
    Of course you'll need a translator, someone to poke her awake, and some Aricept.

  • Rita - 15 years ago

    How about Camille Paglia - Definitely a liberal and really shows where they come from but also makes sense on issues and will go against some insane things they do -

  • Rita - 15 years ago

    How about Camille Paglia - Definitely a liberal and really shows where they come from but also makes sense on issues and will go against some insane things they do -

  • Dave Wilder - 15 years ago

    Put me on the show. I'm a conservative. I'll just do what Alan does, agree with every Dem and interupt everyone else.

  • chewbaca - 15 years ago

    Hal Turner

  • Marlene - 15 years ago

    This is the best thing that could have happened....Colmes leaving. He never gave anyone a chance to talk if they disagreed with him and he never ever once went against the Libs even if they were wrong. He will not be missed. I think Shawn should have his own show and have a variety of guests..Libs & Republicans. Bob not too bad but Kristen never shuts up and always buds in. We want fair and balanced and have a Lib agree once in a while like Juan Williams he would be the best. Shawn...go solo

  • Marlene - 15 years ago

    This is the best thing that could have happened....Colmes leaving. He never gave anyone a chance to talk if they disagreed with him and he never ever once went against the Libs even if they were wrong. He will not be missed. I think Shawn should have his own show and have a variety of guests..Libs & Republicans. Bob not too bad but Kristen never shuts up and always buds in. We want fair and balanced and have a Lib agree once in a while like Juan Williams he would be the best. Shawn...go solo

  • arron - 15 years ago

    Replace him with that self centered Keith Olberman or that cry baby rachel madcow(maddow) . I wish ya would have them on their with ya that way ya can run them into the ground with their lies and self centered talk

  • Suzanne - 15 years ago

    First, thanks Alan for all your great work and best in the future. Honestly, I am more aligned to Sean's point of view, but the 2 of you have given me many hours of enjoyable political and view television. Thanks to both of you. In terms of a replacement, Kirsten, absolutely not. She is a pretty face, but really for being so young, does not have any idea how to analyze news or to ask meaningful questions. She is basically I am right, you are wrong, and I don't need to know anything else int he future. Kirsten needs to in short grow up.

  • Deb - 15 years ago

    Ironically, Deb (12/11/08, 1:45 am ... also my name), said practically everything I wanted to say except to tell Colmes to get that left eyebrow fixed. I suggest Juan Williams if you absolutely can't avoid putting another liberal on the show. At least he is reasonable and doesn't ask the same airhead questions ad infinitum / ad nauseam. However, I think Mr. Hannity will do at least as well solo as he does on his radio program. God bless you, Mr. Hannity!!!

  • Ryan - 15 years ago

    Just don't pick Beckel. I couldn't stand Colmes, but Beckel is the ONLY person on the show that makes me turn to King of Queens instead.

  • Ryan - 15 years ago

    Save Kirsten Powers for O'Reilly, as having semi-attractive blondes on his show is the only reason for his high ratings, and is proven so by his radio show tanking. Go at it alone Sean. Hannity's America is the best show on T.V. I'm just unsure if he'd have enough material everyday for 3 hours of radio then an hour on T.V. alone too.

  • Bart - 15 years ago

    How about Obama after it is decided that he is ineligible to be President because of the citizenship issue?

  • Bart - 15 years ago

    How about Lannie Davis? He's not too abrasive and more of a thinker than Colmes.

  • Nick DiGregorio - 15 years ago

    various guest liberals

  • cj - 15 years ago

    Hannity and Maddow!

  • Andrew - 15 years ago

    Personally I would like to see Hannity by himself. He can bring on all the demoncrats he wants and that would bring a nice variety to the show.

  • Diego - 15 years ago


  • Diego - 15 years ago


  • Jim - 15 years ago

    I nominate Al Franken because he so transparently represents the truly insane, ill logical, maniacle, genocidal anti-free market, destructive anti-American viewpoints of the far left so often represented as centrist or moderate by the left with a straight face. He along with his ludricrous antics would truly be a laugh riot. As such he would be high spirited, high entertainment. We could all enjoy an hour of rolling on the floor watching this idiot. I am so jaded listening to these silly hackneys old school leftists and tired '68ers who take them selves so seriously with their out of date, inaccurate, misleading, and duplicitious talking points. They seem to trutly believe that if they tell enough lies long enough, people will belive them. Well perhaps theyy do. So I opt for a more entertaining option: The grand buffoon clown - Al Franken. At least let him entertain us.

  • SHANIKAA - 15 years ago

    Yes, Elizabeth will be a very refreshing face to see every night. The one thing that I would like to know is WHEN THE HECK IS THIS GUY LEAVING!!!!!! I can't take one more night of seen his horrible face and his sarcastic personality. WE HAD ENOUGH PUNISHMENT ALREADY!!

  • Patriot Ed - 15 years ago

    Hannity needs to stand alone as O'Reilly does. O'Reilly claims to be 'middle of the road', but is sounding more like the pages of the Enquirer every day with a lot of the topics he chooses to cover. Kirsten Powers is too attractive and is distracting to be on that show. Or let Kirsten have Hannity's sunday night slot alone. How 'bout dat dere ?

  • Jeannine Seevers - 15 years ago

    I don't think Kirsten would be a good counterpart. Juan Williams would be a good pick. If Sean would really like to beat up on someone daily, I nominate Michael Moore. Poor Sean, that would be unbearable:) But, Hannity and Moore, hmmmm........

  • jim in elkhart - 15 years ago

    Suprised at the # of lib's, Sean must be a lightning rod. Harold Ford, Jr., James Carville, or Juan Williams. The show is fair and balanced, otherwise, Sean is too much for me on his own.

  • William Coyne - 15 years ago

    Sean........go at it are strong enough to do it solo.....bring in a liberal for a debate on certain issues but no more like Colmes please.

    Thank God Alan Colmes is out of here....he was always so predictable and almost hatefull if anyone disagreed with him...just would talk over everyone and his logic on anything & everything is flawed to the max. if it was not for Fox giving him airtime on tv & satellite radio he would be unemployed....just like most who worked for Air America....he is not that sellable.....a lot of bloggers turned off H&C whenn he comes too.....I cannot think of anyone who is going to miss him.......maybe Obama can appoint him ambassador to some remote part of Pakistan....just so he can spill that Liberal dogma......... "America is the root of all evil crap" to some one who is anti guess is they would behead him in a couple of days.

  • Karen Awad - 15 years ago

    I think James Carvel would be a perfect balance for Sean's overbearing and narrow thinking. At least James would bring some humor and balance to Sean who is much to narrow minded and pointedly abrasive with anyone who does not agree with his thinking pattern.

  • Loral - 15 years ago

    Please, not Susan Estrich... she sounds likea barfly smoking un-filtered Camel cigarettes and drinking scotch. And she is too much like Helga Phugly from "The Oblongs" (in appearance and voice).

    As for Dan Rather.... who can stand to hear that whistle everytime he talks?

    I think the best thing would be to have guest hosts for a period and see who has the chemistry to balance the show. And if the producers really want our opinion, have a vote after we've seen the new candidates performance.

  • Gena - 15 years ago

    I say that Sean needs to go solo and have Democrats on as guests.I cannot stand Kristen Powers and personnally would stop watching if she is picked.She is absolutely awful!

  • Deb - 15 years ago

    Hooray Colmes is gone! We finally got Fox news a couple of months ago and I was so excited to be able to watch Hannity. The first time we did and saw Colmes I could not stand the man. I tried watching Hannity again and just changing the channel when Colmes came on and finally we gave up all together. I like Hannity and hope you let him fly solo. Please do not add anyone like Colmes to the show. If I want to listen to liberal BS then I will watch the news on the alphabet channels.

  • Margaret - 15 years ago

    Thank God I won't have to look at Alan Colmes' EYEBROW anymore! It gave me nightmares! Sometimes I swore I could see the guywire that was constantly tugging it upward into the stage lights above. --But you asked a serious question, so I'll answer it. Please do NOT subject us to the scratchy voice of Susan Estrich. It sounds like a hoarse harpie chewing broken glass.

  • Ron - 15 years ago

    Why don't we just replace Hannity with someone that doesn't live in the dark?

  • T - 15 years ago

    James Carville

  • John Beck - 15 years ago

    I have always enjoyed Sean Hannity and have said many time that if Colmes were to leave the show, I would watch Hannity most nights.

  • Mark - 15 years ago

    Dem REP Bobby rush!!!!!!! LOL!!

  • Bob - 15 years ago

    Why have a permanent liberal? Who needs "Balanced"
    We all know that 'liberalism' is a mental disease which can be treated.

    Sean should have a different "sicko" each week

  • Phyllis - 15 years ago

    I think that a different lib every week would be better because after watching a lib a few times, I generally want to strangle him. Changing the lib weekly will help keep the irritation level slightly lower.

  • Phyllis - 15 years ago

    I think that a different lib every week would be better because after watching a lib a few times, I generally want to strangle him. Changing the lib weekly will help keep the irritation level slightly lower.

  • Ann - 15 years ago

    How about Obama LMAOOOOOOOOOO.. If Franken the ratings would skyrocket just to see the fights every night. Seems the IL Gov could be looking for a new job, LOL.. I think Hannity would do well alone with liberal guests.

    I do wish Alan the best though, even though many nights I wanted to smack him..

  • Amanda - 15 years ago

    I think someone like Juan Williams would be a good selection. I think he should be in the contest.

  • Okieglen1 - 15 years ago

    Bob Beckel is my choice. He and Sean can banter with each other with the best of them PLUS Beckel, just like Hannity, uses facts or real sources to support his position when he talks or prognosticates. We don’t get that from Alan. Alan has become an angry man during this election cycle and can’t seem to take any criticism of any “Progressive” (read Left Wing Liberal). It’s grown old in a hurry.

  • Mark Peacock - 15 years ago

    In order to keep a similar format (Lib vs. Logic) on the show, why not have Colmes' seat filled on a regular 'Guest Lib' basis? Have libs from all media formats, including Hollywood, to sit for teh entire show and interact with the guests. That way we get to learn more about the Guest Libs' true beliefs, as well as see them in extemporaneous situations/discussions and make them really justify their own beliefs for all teh world to see and understand.

    That would also enable Hannity to dispel teh conventional wisdom of the day that the Guest Lib would likley spew, after getting his/her views from all the usual MSM sources. I'd even go along with teh Robbins/Sarandon types. Have Babs and her freshly Bush-bussed cheeks on the show! Hannity could keep the show moving forward. He's proven his mettle.

  • Anthony Flores - 15 years ago

    What about Juan Williams? I think he would be great on the show.

  • Ken - 15 years ago

    Definately Kirsten. She is cute and it compensates for her overboard compassion and ocassionally left wing views. Her hips arent bad either!

  • Neal - 15 years ago

    Rod Blagojevich!!!

    He's as much a left wing looney as Alan Colmes and a tad more sane!

  • Wendi - 15 years ago

    Viewers would be better off with liberal guest speakers.... I get frustrated every time Alan open's his mouth with his "facts" that are really incorrect pieces of information thrown out in a snowball so fast they sound logical.... All of the people listed would only serve us "more of the same".... I say go with the "new" theme of the land and "change" the format.... at least differing guest liberals would keep it somewhat interesting and considerably less annoying to watch every night. I agree Alan seems like a nice person.... as a liberal co-host, he drives me crazy. So, I will be glad he is gone and hope Sean will go it alone and have guests. If I want liberal spin I can turn to MSNBC and watch Over-bite - NOT! No matter what, thank you, Mr. Hannity!!

  • Eric - 15 years ago

    Let him go solo and bring on the guests!! Maybe even do lay-people guest night. Let the people show just how ignorant the whole Liberal body is!! It will give Hannity a chance to decimate more than just one liberal, country wide!! As they drop and the dust settles, the champ will be the Conservative way of thinking. The only problem lies in the quantity and quality of worthy contenders. I am sure Hannity will have more invite denials than accepted if he goes the guest route. Just remember, if you choose a permanent host and I have to mute them when they whine, it would be nice if she was attractive!!

  • Martine - 15 years ago

    Jane, you're pathetic. Your comment wasn't realistic or the least bit constructive!

    I'd actually prefer to see Sean go it alone and bring on whatever liberal guests he chooses. I enjoy Hannity's America so much better than Hannity/Colmes because he ISN'T hampered with having to support a ball & chain like Alan. Couldn't STAND the man!!! He argued liked a 2nd grader!!!

    Sean can do best when he can spend the valuable time making valid arguments and observations instead of diffusing shallow dogma by his mandated liberal!

    Please, not Susan Estrich. I'd have to stop watching because her voice is like scratching a chalkboard!!!

    Al Franken? Appreciate the humor but apparently there are 10% of your voters who are of such low intellect that they may as WELL be listening to Ed Schulz (another rather brainless comment!)...

    Kirsten has developed her abilities a lot in the last year or two. She wouldn't be bad if we HAVE to have a liberal on. She's the most palatable of the ones put forth.

  • Jane - 15 years ago

    Replace Hannity instead

  • mary - 15 years ago

    Who was the guy who cohosted The Buzz with Steve Malzberg?

  • Michelle Bogliole - 15 years ago

    Please!Please!PLEASE!!!!!! NOT KRISTEN POWERS!!!!! When she fills in for Alan it bores me to death. She does not have enough personality and her facial expression rarely changes. I don't mind when she is a guest, she is a liberal but not at all unfair. But to have to watch her every night, I don't think I could do it. If it happens, I will have to get my daily dose of Sean strictly from his radio show. I will surely miss his adorable face! Whoever FOX picks, let it be someone lively and easy on the eye.

  • Jaka - 15 years ago

    Is this a joke? Hannity Solo is a fictional character from Star Wars.

  • Frans Waterlander - 15 years ago

    Hannity should be solo like Bill O'reilly. I'm fed up with liberals like Alan Colmes.

  • Steve - 15 years ago

    Kirsten Powers = Eye Candy ... Nice!
    Bob Beckel = Status Quo ... Blah!
    Susan Estrich = Eye Sore ... Eghh!
    Al Franken = This one is a joke, right!?
    Harold Ford Jr. = Derek Jeter Doppleganger... Decent.
    Someone Else = What about that real honest Illinois Governor...!?
    Hannity Solo = Boring... Sean, you need a punching bag!

    Looks like people would rather have Kirsten or no one...not bad. I chose HF Jr because I believe in the "No More Excuses" doctrine and the "Be careful what you ask for, Dems" philosophy with the Obama reign.

    Best Regards

  • Sable007 - 15 years ago

    Colmes has become such a flaming twit lately with his inane comments that the election approved all Obama associations, and other issues, that it has become a chore to watch the show whenever Comes is talking or interrupting. The only time Colmes appears to have been on the right side of any issue has been on fairness/censorship doctrine points. Any co-host will be a vast improvement at this point - even Franken.

  • Aquinas - 15 years ago

    Hannity needs a co-host for no other reason than to maintain his level of pompousness from going to a toxic level. And the liberal balance is even more important than ever with the rapid decline of his brand of conservatism due to the Bush legacy deterioration in the second term, and the Palin debacle on the McCain ticket.

    A liberal female co-host would be interesting since Sean can hit the ground running with all of the real-life sparring he has under his belt with his wife, and her Democratic and liberal idealogy she has had for some time, going back to her affiliation in Atlanta with Creative Loafing Magazine, as many of us know. That insight about Sean's wife is even known by fewer than the fact that Greta Van Sustern is a Scientologist whack job.

  • Marilyn - 15 years ago

    Please not James Carville. Go solo.

  • lonnette33 - 15 years ago

    Juan Williams would be great. A nice balance to Hannity.

  • JD - 15 years ago

    I should...

  • Dan McC - 15 years ago

    As a conservative, my vote goes to Kirsten Powers. Although she holds differing opinions, she makes her arguments in an intelligent and adult manner - unlike Alan Colmes. There have been past arguments where I actually felt bad for Alan. Often times, he was inept in the presentation of his opinions and misinformed on the facts. Sorry to see you go Alan, it was a great comedy act.

  • Bob - 15 years ago

    Harold Ford is intectually superior to the rest of the field and can present the black perspective during our new Black administration. By the way the libs may be short changed on cabinet appointees, but short of Attorney General, a guy who can't get approved and has enourmous baggage. And who is as black as Obama! Hey 98% black vote WHAT did you get?

  • Stanley Ford - 15 years ago

    How about FOX dump his show altogether and find a person with a modicum of journalistic integrity and actually report facts & reality?
    The fewer rethuglican "conservative" asshats parroting GOP talking points rooted in a detached reality we have on ANY news channel the better.

    Only complete fools and unintelligent shrews watch FIX news.

  • Rod - 15 years ago

    George Stephanopoulos. If you can out bid ABC

  • renee - 15 years ago

    I think Sean is awesome, but I'd rather have surgery without anesthetic than to have to see and listen to Al Franken, especially on a daily basis. Picking a liberal/democrat/progressive at least pick someone with basic intelligence. I put Al in the same category as Michael Moore and Rosie O'donnell. I like Susan Estrich as she is respectful and not always interrupting and arguing. The other choices you have aren't bad though Kristen Powers is sometimes rude. Alternating guests could work too. God Bless to All!

  • Scott - 15 years ago

    Harold Ford seems like a good fit. I don't agree with often but I do respect his opinions and mannerisms.

  • Ray Mayer - 15 years ago

    I remember when Ed Koch was on TV. Entertaining and smart. Would love to see him in the chair next to Sean.

  • Dwight Blubaugh - 15 years ago

    Maybe FOX should do the opposite of ABC, with their This Week With George Stephanopoulos - their "balanced" round table almost always has three or four flaming liberals (George, Sam Donaldson, Cokie Roberts, and sometimes one more), "balanced out" with George Will as the token conservative. This was the same tack that Bill Maher always took on his Politically Incorrect, having himself and three other liberals "beat up" on a token conservative. But even if they did this, I'm guessing that the conservatives would still end up being polite, unlike the libs from these other shows. As Shawn says, the mainstream media is dead - anyone who can't see their total liberal bias / agenda has their eyes closed.

  • Kim L. Millard - 15 years ago

    Someone like Paul Begala would be more substantial and a stronger match for Hannity. Susan Estrich and Kirtsen Powers seem like they would be too easy foils for him. Bob Beckel seems too tight with Hannity and isn't exactly my idea of a hard-left liberal. I see Powers and Estrich as somewhat "soft left" moderates as well.

  • David - 15 years ago

    Keith Olberman. We need someone who is not an America hating communist like Hannity.

  • DANA CANNON - 15 years ago

    I think Maria Shriver would look great along with Sean Hannity!

  • Daniel Healy - 15 years ago

    I think Glenn Beck would be a great choice, he usually does a great job bringing both sides to the table. My second choice would be Kirstin Powers,
    she is good at delivering real discussions that give even Sean Hannity a loss
    for words at least sometimes. Plus Kirstin is HOT!!!!!!!

  • robert de alcala - 15 years ago

    the ragin cajin baby. that would be the best!!

  • James Traikovich - 15 years ago

    Who Should Replace Alan Colmes on Hannity & Colmes? It should be me. My job is to question conventional wisdom and I'm good at it.

    If only Mr. Colmes would consider an unknown. I would be will to compete against any of the folks on the list.

  • Rob Edwards - 15 years ago

    Let Sean go solo and invite lib's as guest. I hate liberals and am really tired of their stupid views and the points they try to make. This would be a great setting for Sean. His "Hannity's America" is great so I know he would continue to draw an audience (probably larger).
    Can't say I am sorry to see Alan leave. Don't want Bob Beckel there, Susan Estrich....maybe, Kirsten too passive. No other libs....I just cannot stand listening to outright liars trying to defend their ridiculous beliefs.

  • Bill Paul - 15 years ago

    None of them have the talent of Alan. You can't replace that magic with any of the listed. Hannity with various guests until one really clicks.

  • Jim Spurling - 15 years ago

    The perfect solution is just remove the entire show...eliminate all talking heads, liberal and conservative.

  • amanda - 15 years ago

    let's make it an all conservative show and bring MITT ROMNEY on borad! that would be the best duo ever!!!

  • CommonSense - 15 years ago

    there is no winner here. the replacement will be shouted down by s.h. no matter who that person is. fox news is not the place for rational, fact-based discussions of politics or news. who ever the replacement is will have to endure emotional delusions and continued fear mongering.

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