Do you think medically assisted dying should be available to Canadians suffering only from a mental disorder?


  • Elaine Anderson - 1 year ago

    Whatever the reason for wanting MAID, physical or mental, the most important factor is ensuring there is absolutely no coercion involved. The discussion with medical professionals MUST be initiated by the patient, never by a carer, family member, trustee, call center or medical professional. Electronic communications, interpreters, sign language, etc are all quite acceptable but it must be very clear who is speaking. MAID should never be the first option, but should follow a clear understanding of the range of care options and must never be approved because it make anybody else's life easier or brings benefit of some sort to another.

  • Hmmmm - 1 year ago

    Way way way too many factors to say yes or no definitely

  • Al Nairismagi - 1 year ago

    It should be available to anyone who wants it

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