How do you feel about President-elect Obama's choices for his team? (Poll Closed)

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  • starry - 13 years ago

    I think he as made good choices and I think Hillary clinton will do a good job.People should stop obsessing over her.

  • JanWN - 13 years ago

    Ambivalent. Although Bill and Hill are qualifying candidates, they were not on the top of my list. Real change in picking not "popular" candidates would have kept many guessing how strong "changes" could/would be implemented. Surrounding himself with a limited couple of Washington hands would have been better than a whole bunch. A lot of ego's will bust and blow up when he will be making a decision, after listening to all of their opinions, does not include any of their decisions, BUT ast this point this is difficult to gauge... afterall he has had some pretty damn good instincts so far in making it THIS FAR in such a short amount of time. Doe he consider himself a good chess-player? Only time will tell.

  • Ramona - 13 years ago

    I think Obama choices are reasonable. Obama is looking at resumes. I think Hillary will be a great contribution to the Obama team. I think Obama is going in the right the direction!!! I believe in him and it's sad because this is the 2nd time that I am excited about the choice that we the American people have made with electing a qualified President. The 1st time was Bill Clinton!!!

  • M. Snavely - 13 years ago

    I do not agree with all his ex-Clinton people. I thought he was for change. The Clingtons are so hungry for money and power, they will be running the White House - not Obama.

  • Janice - 13 years ago

    I'm okay with everyone but Hillary. I just don't trust her, I believe it was a political move. I just pray that he has someone watching her because she is rather cutthroat.

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