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Be Honest, Do You Eat Cookie Dough?


  • cookiedoughlover - 15 years ago

    i always eat it. u can get sick, but it is realyl rare. i TRY not to eat homamade stuff but it is good. so sorry, i will take my chances with the samenella!!!
    ~still eating cookie dough!~

  • Keshia - 15 years ago

    I love cookie dough, i've been eating it since a was barely old enough to walk in my grandma's kitchen. I've never once gotten sick and it's too much of a guilty pleasure to pass up. If you haven't done it you should definitely try it atleast once.

  • Dale Urschel - 16 years ago

    I eat raw cookie dough, Sushi mi, fruit from the public market right from the stand, and the occasional dropped piece of food from my kitchen floor (5 second rule). If we keep a good level of bacteria growing in our systems it will keep us strong and healthy. Its the ones who are so careful to not eat bacteria and wash everything with "Antibacterial soaps" that are sickly and more apt to die from the bacterium Salmonella enteritidis (Se).
    The truth is we all have a fatal disease. It's called life. No one gets out alive. I plan on living mine joyously, without fear. What's the point in being so
    paranoid if you're going to go anyway?

  • Sandy - 16 years ago

    For years we never even made cookies - just ate the cookie dough. Now that we are all over 50 we are baking about half and eating half raw.

  • Michelle - 16 years ago

    We make cookie dough in our house just to eat the dough. Done it for years and years and no problem other than a little extra weight around my middle.

  • Megan - 16 years ago

    Even though i think cookie dough is bad for you, i think it's totally worth eating it

  • McKinney - 16 years ago

    I eat cookie dough that is store bought like Pillsbury, but never the at home stuff. I read once that the Pillsbury kind is made from pasteurized eggs, so I should be good. Eat it all the time, great in ice cream!

  • Juli - 16 years ago

    I have been indulging in cookie dough since I was a little girl in the kitchen with my mother...and I'm now 43. I almost prefer it to the finished product. Have never gotten sick from it once. Yummy!

  • Nancy - 16 years ago

    EEEEEWWWWWW raw eggs! Not for me. The 30 seconds of pleasure from the bite of raw dough isn't enough to pay for the 3 days (at least) of being terribly ill. Eating raw dough is like Russian Roulette by spoon. Good luck to you dough eaters.

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