Should ABC host a single mom on the next Bachelorette?

  • Taryn - 13 years ago

    A single dad would be my ideal man. I am a single mom,I am in Radiology school and I would love to meet a man with a child or two. It's hard to get out and date and make a living,take care of your responsibilities as a single parent. I would like to find a guy who is just as responsible. It's great being a parent and I am not willing to date a guy who is not willing to share me with my child. I have not seen the single dad bachelor but would like to.

  • me - 13 years ago

    what makes me mad about this is in the past I've gone on the website to apply for the show and if yo had kids you didnt qualify....and so now, well there needs to be equality. If a single dad is on there should be single moms and there should be single moms in his group of bachelorettes
    This is the only reality show i am aware of that discriminated against parents like this

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