Why Didn't You Buy 808s And Heartbreak or Chinese Democracy?

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  • bk - 14 years ago

    college drop out, late registration, an graduation cd were the shit i love them all i am a BIG BIG west fan i havent really heard this latest cd but a couple of songs an those i heard i love jus cause its kanye west any real true fan can c dat kanye is going thru something right now an his last cd shows it all so he didnt sale azz many cd azz he did b4 but jus bear wit him come on now this is kanye west we're talkin bout he is one of the greatest rappers alive he'll be back an when he do he'll be better than ever an i'll be waiting for him so until then imma be listening to late registration the college drop-out 808 heartbreaks an graduation sincerely a tu fan of MR WEST

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