Do you personally need the US auto industry?

  • David - 14 years ago

    One needs to remember: the Little Three are only 46% (and dropping rapidly) of the US automobile industry. They have less than half the market and two-thirds of the autoworkers.

  • Ted - 14 years ago

    I would support the bailout if they started building high quality affordable cars that Americans actually wanted. The business model of building expensive crap that people won't buy isn't going to succeed with any amount of injection of tax payers money. Its just going to insure that execs get their million dollar pay regardless of how little in salary they choose to make.

  • Bun - 14 years ago

    I did not vote because I believe in bailing ford as long as they do what they've stated, ie streamlining their fleet of cars and creating electric cars by 2010.

    While I do not believe in bailing out GM and the rest.

  • Dale - 14 years ago

    Funny, I'm pretty sure a majority of americans felt the same way about the last bailout package...does anyone think they will listen?

  • Jared - 14 years ago

    Well without any manufacturing here what happens if war erupts in a way like WWII? What happens if we are cut off from oil, or there is an embargo against us? We need to be more self reliant.

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