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Did your most recent clinician encounter, in whatever form, make you feel "cared for?" (Poll Closed)

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  • Ralphie - 1 year ago

    My provider definitely provides services that makes me feel cared for. The rest of the healthcare process does not. In my most recent annual checkup, a lab test was ordered as a preventive measure that should have been covered. The lab test was performed at a hospital but insurance denied it as unnecessary. I was told to talk to the provider to look at recoding it. The provider had left the practice and I couldn't get any response. I started getting calls from the hospital because I was going to be sent to collections. Luckily, I know the right people to get it resolved. I feel for patients without the knowledge or connections to navigate our overly complicated procedures.

  • {your name here} - 1 year ago

    My Primary Care Physician makes me feel very "cared for", in that she's willing to have an intelligent conversation with me about how I want to manage my health. The team Cerebus who work the front desk and guards access to that PCP, not so much.

  • RetiredCountryDoc - 1 year ago

    While the providers and staff verbally might have expressed nterest in me as a patient, their actions and attention displayed far more concern about attending to their system responsibilities to meet process needs of the all-powerful "workflow."

  • Cat Pietanza - 1 year ago

    I definitely feel like both my Doctor and his PA care about my wellbeing after every visit :)

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